NUXE Reve De Miel Lip Balm - A Letdown!

Hello cats and kittens! 
How are we all doing? I'm currently suffering from toothache (again), my sensitive teeth are playing up so I think I'm going to have invest in some more sensitive toothpaste, I mean to keep using it all the time but then I get suckered into whitening toothpastes, which probably do nothing for my sensitivity! 
But on the upside, I have a one day week this week, I'm only working Wednesday, so don't feel too sorry for me ;)
Moving onto the review!
As you can see from the title, this review is not an entirely positive one! I first heard about the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm from the famous Miss Essie Button, she said she loved it and it was super nourishing and solved her dry lips even when she went home to a pretty chilly Canada, so I was sold!
It's pretty pricey, £9.50 on, but I got it when it was 10% off so I wasn't ripped off too royally!
This is what the packaging looks like;
 It's lovely packaging, a sturdy, frosted glass jar which houses a very thick, yellow balm which looks a lot like lemon curd, if anyone knows what that is!
It goes on the lips clear though so don't worry about that! It goes on pretty matte and feels thick and heavy on my lips, which I'm not a massive fan of, I'm used to quite slippery lip balms that feel smooth when you rub your lips together (an annoying habit I have that I do all the time).
It smells of honey and lemon, like those Beechams cold and flu powders you can get, not particularly my favourite scent but it's not too bad, plus it has no taste which is a plus point.

It's not that this is a terrible lip balm, I just feel like it's a letdown that isn't good enough for the money you pay for it!
It doesn't last very long on my lips, despite Essie saying it does on her which just shows that everyones taste is different, it hasn't noticeably changed the appearance of my lips and I feel bad reapplying it all the time because it's so pricey! 
Plus, I find it sometimes leaves an annoying white residue on the inside of my lips, the kind that some lipglosses leave behind when you've been wearing them a while and they go all claggy! But it only does that sometimes so it might be because my lips are so dry at times.

I am thinking of using this as just a nighttime treatment, and getting the NUXE Reve De Miel Moisturizing Stick for the daytime, as I don't want to write off the whole brand just yet!

. Lovely packaging
. Thick enough to use as a overnight treatment
. Natural ingredients mean it'd be good for sensitive skin
. You get a massive 12g of product, meaning it'll last a long time

. Makes my lips feel sticky
. Not a comfortable texture for me
. Very expensive for a lipbalm

Overall, I'm not saying this lipbalm doesn't work, I'm saying this lipbalm doesn't work FOR ME, by all means if you've got dry lips then give this a try, it might be holy grail for you like it is for so many people!

You can purchase this and plenty of other NUXE products online at

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I was a little let down by this too. I find it far too thick for day use so I use it after I use a lip scrub at night x x


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