REVIEW: NYC All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation.

Hello again!!
Today I'm here to scare you with my bare, naked face again in another foundation review!
This time it's for the NYC All Day Long Smooth Skin foundation (longest name ever?).
I don't really know why I picked this foundation up, I don't buy a lot of stuff from NYC but I was taking advantage of Superdrugs 3 for 2 on all cosmetics (yes, again!) and this foundation caught my eye!
I was looking for a more tanned foundation for myself because I had been hitting the bottle (of fake tan!) pretty hard that week, so I got this in the shade Soft Honey.

I quite like the packaging, it doesn't look too cheap and the transparent bottle means you'll be able to see when you're running low on product.
It has a pump (Revlon, take note!!) and a pretty secure cap so that means it won't squirt all over the inside of your makeup bag and make a mess.
It's quite a firm foundation, not runny at all, but that means you do have to work quickly at spreading it over your face before it sets.

Now for the obligatory no makeup shot, people with a nervous disposition, look away now...
It's 8am here and I've just woken up so my skin's still pretty puffy and red, especially around the chin and nose, and of course my dreaded dark circles!

 And this is me after! I really like the finish of the foundation, it's dewy but not oily and covers all my imperfections well, but I'd still use some concealer personally!
But my skintone definitely looks more even and smooth, and the colour was a great match for my fake tanned neck!

This is what the foundation promises to do on its website ;


Blurs fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles into dreamy nothingness.
Controls shine and stays put: even when the heat is on.
Smudge and rub proof means no annoying marks on your new Marc tee!
Feels bouncy and comfortable on your skin…all day, everyday.
Soft and fresh, matt but not mask like.

So I went to work to test it, I used it a couple of times so I could form a proper opinion on it.
These next pictures are after I've been at work for only 6 hours;

 As you can see, it's not at all impressive!! 
It's all but worn off my face, in these unattractive patches making my face look like a patchwork quilt!
As well as wearing off my face, it has also made the rest of my makeup wear off.
As you can see round my mouth its left a white outline where it's worn off, definitely a poor show! 
It claims it lasts 14 hours but it most definitely doesn't! 
I don't know whether I would have a better result if I'd bought a pale shade that matched my skintone, I might try the palest shade out now my fake tan has worn off, but I highly doubt it and I'm extremely unimpressed by this product! 

. Nice finish on the skin when you initially apply it
. Simple, practical packaging

. Wears off within a couple of hours in a horrible, patchy way
. Causes the rest of your makeup to wear off too
. Feels like silicone on the skin after a hour or two
. Sinks into fine lines on my face
. Doesn't live upto any of the promises it makes on its website
. Only has 5 shades in its range

And there we go! 
What a disappointment, I'd say instead of spending the £3.99 on this foundation you'd be better off spending another £1 on the MUA Undress Your Skin foundation, which is a far superior formula! 

If, for some reason, you want to try this foundation, it's available in Superdrug stores nationwide, and online.


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  1. I really want to try this! :) x

    1. I wouldn't recommend it! But maybe if it's in your own skintone it would be better, rather than me trying to use a darker shade to tan my skin up!

  2. I love this post! It's really descriptive and the pictures are so beneficial! Thanks for this post! xx


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