Rimmel 60 Second Nail Varnish - Mary Mary Quite Contrary!

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As most of you probably know, Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on all their cosmetics at the moment, which is basically the red rag to my proverbial bull and means I must go in there as much as possible and blow all my money! 
When I was in there at the weekend I bought a couple of things (I have an upcoming haul so I won't spoil the surprise!) but my free item was this beautiful Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish in the shade Mary Mary Quite Contrary.
I've never seen this nail varnish before, but it's absolutely beautiful!
It's a light lilac-grey colour with a hint of pink in it, really unusual and so pretty!

 Isn't it gorgeous?!
Super feminine and really clean looking, just makes your hands look more sophisticated (is that weird?!) and will go with any colour you're wearing too.

This is what I used as my base and top coat, I'm pretty new to OPI Nail Envy and Seche Vite but I'm pretty impressed by them so far! 
My nails seem a bit stronger from the Nail Envy and Seche Vite really hardens my nail varnish and makes it super shiny, I wasn't massively impressed by it when I first started using it but it's definitely grown on me! 
I bought both the Seche Vite and Matte Nail Envy from Amazon, they were massively discounted and I can assure you that they're 100% real! Just click on the product names to be taken straight to where you can buy them.

The formula of the Rimmel nail varnishes are amazing, it was opaque in two coats and was super shiny even before I put on my Seche Vite top coat! 
I've only had it on one day so far so I can't comment on its lasting power, but as I've got my top coat on I wouldn't be able to fairly judge it on that anyway.

I'd definitely recommend buying this polish, it's perfect for the (alleged) Summer months that are on the way!

You can buy this Rimmel polish from Boots and Superdrug online and stores nationwide for only £3.69!


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  1. This is such a lovely colour! I use the exact same products for my top & base coat and my nails have never been healthier. It takes a little while to see a noticeable difference, but my nails don't flake/break as easily anymore!

    Abundance of Erica

    1. They're definitely making a difference to my nails, i'm so happy with them!


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