HUGE Collective Beauty/Fashion Haul! Primark, Boots, Superdrug, H&M.

Hello there everybody!
It's that time again, when I admit to you all that I have zero willpower when it comes to shopping :)
In my defence, I have been very good at not shopping recently, this is over quite a long period of time!
I'm actually focusing on condensing my beauty products at the moment, wait until you see the size of my ''Empties'' post for this month, it's mammoth!!

I'll start with the beauty bits I got from Superdrug and Boots :)
I'll try and link to where to buy the things I'm showing as and when I can.


I got this concealer for when I'm more tanned, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed! 
It doesn't cake under my eyes, which is a huge problem with me and concealers, and it's very moisturising and sets nice and firm so it doesn't fade away throughout the day, I'm going to pick this up in a lighter shade once my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer runs out.

I only got this mascara because it looked like an exact dupe for Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion mascara, which is my holy grail mascara, except it's only £3.00 versus Maxfactors £11.99.
The brush isn't that dissimilar, the bristles are most spaced out on the MUA though, but it still does a great job and I'll definitely be turning to this mascara over the Maxfactor if I'm running a bit low on funds, it's a great alternative.

I've heard a lot of hype about this product, especially from the gorgeous Maria Sparkle whose opinion I always trust, so I thought it was about time I picked it up.
I haven't actually used it yet because I'm waiting for my current eyeliner to run out, but I'm very excited to and if it blows me away then I'll be sure to do a review :)

I got this foundation on the recommendation of my favourite Youtuber Miss Budget Beauty, she raves about it so much that I knew I had to try it!
So I got it in Golden for when I've fake tanned and Porcelain for when I'm doing my Casper The Friendly Ghost impression.
So far, I'm loving it! I like to mix the Golden with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage foundation for a full coverage but still glowy base.
The Porcelain is really nice on its own though, just to even out my skin and give a non-cakey, natural look, it's a winner for me!

I LOVE these Maybelline Colour Tattoos, they're such a fantastic product and it's my mission to collect every single colour! 
I wish we had as many over here as they do in America, I'd give my left thumb for Barely Branded for instance!


This is my all time favourite mascara, as I mentioned before, and I wouldn't be without it now!
But I feel utterly duped by Boots, I had a £2 off Maxfactor coupon so I thought I was getting a good deal for £9.99, but I've just discovered you can get this exact mascara for £6.99 on Amazon!! 
I love Amazon for beauty bargains, in fact I have a upcoming post about all of the beauty bargains you can bag on Amazon, and they're not fakes or anything it's all legit and above board, I've no idea how they do it but I'm not complaining about those kind of savings!! 

I also had a coupon for this mascara which meant I got it for only £2, so naturally I couldn't resist (I told you I have a problem with spending).
It's not so hot for the top lashes if I'm honest, it's clumpy, not very volumising, pretty poor.
But for the bottom lashes, WOW! It's perfect! It curves to the shape of my eye and doesn't deposit too much product, it literally gives me doll eyes! 
So if you're looking for a good bottom lash mascara then this is great, but maybe a bit pricey for what it is.

Excuse the pants picture, damn the stupid reflective packaging!! 
But as you can see, this has a tiny little wand on it which is perfect for the bottom theory! It actually takes a lot of getting used to for me! I felt like I was going to jab myself in the eye with it constantly.
I've mastered it now and it does a great job on the bottom lashes, but I don't think I'd purchase it again just because it's not a product I absolutely NEED in my collection.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a bit of a sucker for foot products! It's probably because as a rule I hate feet, so I want to make mine look as appealing as possible so I can stomach to look at them haha.
This isn't the kind of foot cream you slap on and go about your daily business with though, this is a foot cream you should put on, put some socks over and chill out watching some Netflix or reading a book (because I know I can't stand sleeping in socks!).
It needs to soak into the feet and won't work properly if you're walking around on it all day.
It's so lovely and cooling, I really love going in the bath and then putting this on my feet before bed, it works a treat!

First of all I have to say, believe the hype about this Sugar Crush fragrance! Because everyone says it's amazing and it really truly is, it's the most gorgeous sweet, warm lime fragrance, next time you're in Boots give it a sniff and I guarantee you'll be hooked! 
This is a brilliant body butter, it is a bit pricey but I think it's worth it as it leaves your skin feeling so moisturised for hours after and the smell really lingers, I can't wait to try the Sugar Crush body wash too!

I love the Hand Food hand cream from Soap & Glory so I had high hopes for this one too, but I've been left a bit disappointed.
For a start, THE SMELL, yeesh I've never smelt anything so strong in my whole life! I put it on at night and I could still smell it in the morning! I wouldn't mind if it was a subtler scent, but I don't want to be able to smell my hands all day long.
It's also stickier than the Hand Food and I hate having sticky hands, so I only use this last thing at night before bed.

Gilette Simply Venus 2 Disposable Razors - £3.99.
These are my favourite razors of the moment, they leave my legs silky soft and last for ages! I can't seem to find them online anywhere so maybe they're being discontinued or repackaged but any Gilette disposable razors are fantastic!


 I've gone a bit cheap trainer potty lately! I love how comfortable these Primark Vans rip-offs are, I'd been wanting some Vans for ages but I can't afford to splurge that much at the moment, so these £6 dupes are a great substitute! I'm definitely in the market for more colours, but Primark is a bit shitty at having size 6's in stock so I'll have to wait, boo!
And FYI, in case you hadn't heard, Primark is now available on! Obviously not all the stock, because there's tons of it, but there's a few key pieces which is nice for people overseas who want to try Primark as ASOS delivers worldwide!

I also got these pretty little nude pumps with ankle straps and gold stud detailing, I haven't worn these yet but I think they'll look cute with a little Summer dress, if Summer ever comes back to these shores of course!
These were £6.

And now for my bargain of the month! This lovely grey marl skater dress, it looks SO Topshop that I just had to have it! It was only £8, and I love the contrasting black sleeves.
This style of dress is my favourite, it's very flattering for the slightly plump amongst us, like myself :)


This is such a gorgeous dress! Really feminine and ladylike, I feel almost like a woman from the 50's in this, (and by that I don't mean it makes me like a woman who's over 60).

I got the same dress in this beautiful rich, lilac colour, it looks great with a tan!
Again, this is such a beautiful fit and so easy to wear.

Colourful Aztec print skater dress - £9.99.
Can you tell I like skater dresses yet?
This dress has unfortunately now sold out online, but check in stores if you like it because the stores always have stock that the website doesn't.
I just LOVE this dress, it's so flattering and the colours are gorgeous, plus the pattern creates an optical illusion that makes you waist look smaller and for £9.99 the fabric is so thick and amazing quality, big thumbs up!

This is basically the same dress, same fabric and shape but a different print and colour.
I also love this dress, it's such a staple, go-with-anything piece, I'm very glad I bought it!

And there we go!! If you've come this far then I feel like I should award you with some sort of medal, it's in the post :)
Hope you enjoyed this haul! 
Have a brilliant Wednesday night!

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  1. Wow the color of maybelline 24 hr color tattoo looks lovely. And the colorful aztec print dress is also awesome

    1. I'm obsessed with colour tattoos haha and yes, the dress is super cute! :)

  2. Wow that is some haul! Ive just bought a colour tatoo and need to buy the mua undress your skin! Beth May Blogs


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