Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Varnishes - Review!

Hello beautiful people!
Prepare yourself for a rave review people, because that's exactly what this will be!
The products in question are the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes, these things are the absolute

From left to right - Dragon Fruit, Greenberry, Key Lime, Guava.
These are the four shades I own, and it's all I can do not to go out and buy the rest of the range immediately after trying these four! 
First of all, the packaging is lovely, the sleek reflective silver lids look really cool within my nail varnish collection.
The formula of these polishes is really wonderful, they're quite thick and you can get brilliant coverage with only one coat, with two coats they're perfect!

These swatches are just one coat, as you can see they have amazing pigmentation!

Dragon Fruit is a pink creme with the subtlest of silver shimmer running through it.
Greenberry is a vibrant jade green creme.
Key Lime is a bright lime green creme.
Guava is a teal creme.

They have such an amazing high gloss finish when they're dry, they almost look like they're still wet! They last ages on me but I also use Seche Vite quick dry top coat so I can't really comment on wear time, but other people have said it lasts a long time without chipping so I'd take their word for it!

Overall, these are the best drugstore nail varnishes money can buy! And not a lot of money either, they're only £3.99!! Plus Barry M is always on offer in Superdrug or Boots :)

Do you recommend any shades that I don't have? Let me know!

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  1. Love the pink shade, really want to try some of these x

    1. You should definitely get involved, I was reluctant for some reason cos I thought they wouldn't be worth the hype but they SO are!

  2. thos colors are so pretty!

  3. i love the blue polishes - they're both so pretty! x

  4. I have the pink one and love it :) I keep being tempted to get the green one but not sure if I'd wear it! x

    1. Green seems like a odd colour to wear on your nails but I love it! Think you'd like it :)


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