Real Techniques Starter Set Review!

Reviews have fast become my favourite thing to post on my blog! So I'm doing another one on some products that I've had a really good chance to try out as I've had them for about three months now!
It's the Real Techniques Starter Set, I got mine from Amazon as you can get some great savings! When I got it it was around £14, but now it's £17.85, but still a saving of £3! 

It comes with a handy carry case/stand for the brushes, but personally I never use them so I either throw them away or give them away! 

Deluxe Crease Brush - I use this brush for my concealer, it does a great job of blending it out seamlessly and because of the size it fits perfectly into my under eye area! I think it would be great for blending out eyeshadows too, it might be a bit big for my crease as I don't have very big eyes but it would be good for blending out the edges, I just wish you could buy them separately from this set because I would definitely pick another one up! 

Base Shadow Brush - This is also a must for my make up collection! You can use it to dust a sheer wash of colour across your lid, or to blend out the crease, I love using it for both! 
It's the perfect blending brush for me, it completely blurs the edges and makes my eye makeup look way more polished.

Accent Brush - You can use this brush for concealing small areas and blemishes on your face, but I've only used it for lining my waterline with black shadow for definition, this is not a brush I use very often in this kit and I feel like it could have been replaced with a more standard eyeshadow brush, like the Real Techniques Shading Brush that you can buy separately.

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - I must say, I have never used this brush! I'm guessing it's supposed to be used for gel eyeliner, but it seems a bit thick for that purpose to me! This is a bit of an anomaly to me in this kit, if it's meant to be for gel eyeliner then they would have been better suited putting the Real Techniques Fine Liner brush in the kit instead.

Brow Brush - And finally the brow brush, I use pencil on my eyebrows so I've never used this brush for its intended purpose, but I have used it to press eyeshadow along my upper lashline for a soft, smokey eye, and it works really well! I've also used it for filling in my upper waterline, it isn't too pointy so if you blink on it or anything you won't have your eye out.

And that's all of them! I really love Real Techniques brushes, they're amazing for the amount of money they cost, they wash well and they seem to have a brush for pretty much everything, I just wish they'd sell certain brushes like the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection kit and the Deluxe Crease Brush from this kit separately, I think that would make a lot of beauty bloggers happy!!

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