Girl Crush Friday! - Jessica Alba

Hello pretty ladies!!
It's that time again, lets drool over some women in a (mostly) non-sexual way! 
This week I'm going to feature Jessica Alba, which might be a very obvious choice but who can deny this beautiful, sweet, personable actress is an absolute babe!! 
She does so much for charity, as well as being a great mother, wife and a total natural beauty! 

Isn't she just swoon-some?!
She has that rare ability to go from sexy to cute, from loving mother to hot mama, from girl next door to siren! 
I love her just a little bit, can you tell?

Here's to you Jessica! Call me....

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1 comment :

  1. LOVE Jessica Alba! She's part mexican like me:) xxx

    Be sure to check out my latest post on the brand new Body Shop lipsticks:)

    Be Pulchritudinous. | UK Beauty and Life Blog


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