HUGE Empties Post! Part 1 - Skincare.

Hello cats and kittens!
Hope you're all well, I'm very much looking forward to my day off today, I'm going for a coffee with my friend Neil in the daytime and then going to see my best friend at her house for a girly night later on, I love to see my friends on my days off, but I also love to have lazy days where I don't leave my pyjamas! haha.

Onto my massive empties post! This is definitely the biggest one I've ever done so to stop it being super dull I've split it into two parts, this one is just going to be skincare products and the next is going to be everything else!

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil.
I got this in my You Beauty advent calender, and finally got round to using it! 
I really liked this, the rollerball made it easy to apply to my face, but I really enjoyed using it as a cuticle oil! It really nourished my nails and sorted out any dry skin on my fingers, but it's a bit expensive (£30 for 30ml) to buy just for that.
Will I Repurchase? - No.

I also got this in the You Beauty calender, I loved the cute tin and it was nice for a day cream, but for my dry skin it just didn't cut it for a nighttime moisturisation! 
Will I Repurchase? No.

QMS Medicosmetics Hand Cream.
I was sent this as a PR sample from Liberty's department store and it was a really nice product! Lasted forever, felt like it was never ending! 
This had a gel consistency which was different to any other hand cream I'd tried, it did a OK job of nourishing my hands but for £20 I would expect a bit more!
Will I Repurchase? No.

Stila Glowing Reviews Scrub.
I got this in a mini sample set and I thought this was lovely, but quite a standard scrub! 
You can use it everyday and it's great for sensitive skin.
Will I Repurchase? - No.

Soap & Glory Hand Food.
I adore this hand cream! It's not quite as good as the L'Occitane one, but this is a fraction of the price and you get a huge bottle which lasts forever! 
I'm currently using Soap & Glory Endless Glove hand cream and it doesn't even compare, it smells so strong that I just can't get along with it! 
Will I Repurchase? - Definitely!

Stila Coming Clean Gel Cleanser.
This was a bit ''meh'', you couldn't use it on your eyes so it was pointless taking makeup off with it, you could definitely find a cleanser that's cheaper but does the same job.
Will You Repurchase? - No.

Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac.
You can't go wrong with these face masks, they're £1 and they do a brilliant job! 
Will I Repurchase? - Yes!

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense.
My friend Frances gave me this because she has oily skin and this would be too thick for her skin type.
This was lovely and moisturising, but the smell was SO strong, very chemical-ly, not my cup of tea!
Will I Repurchase? - Due to the smell, no.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil.
I got a little sample of this from the You Beauty calender too, this was ok, I expected it to smell likes roses but I think I misunderstood what rosehip is haha.
Standard oil, nothing special to me!
Will I Repurchase? - No.

Lancome Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream.
I got a sample of this in my Selfridge's beauty advent calender, it was fine but obviously I didn't notice any reduction in my fine lines around my eyes, nor did it activate my youth at all.
Will I Repurchase? - No.

Stila Face The Day Moisturiser.
I used this as my day cream, for under my makeup it was nice, but for nighttime it was just too light for my skin again, oily skin types would really like this though.
Will I Repurchase? - Not for me.

Loreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash.
I've had this for a while so I thought it was about time I used it up! I really liked the little scrublet that came with this and the actual cleanser is nice for a quick clean of your face in the morning, it was nice for my dry skin.
Will I Repurchase? - Possibly!

And that's it for this part! The second part will be up shortly :)
Hope you're all well!

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