Illamasqua Sale! - Mini Haul.


Hello chick-a-dees!
I should really stay away from all forms of social networking, because it always makes me want to buy things! Especially Instagram, I'm always seeing peoples instahauls and coveting every product! 
And that is exactly what happened here, I saw one of my favourite Instagrammers, the gorgeous Gemma at Miss Makeup Magpie, had bought some things from the Illamasqua sale so I had to have a look! (Damn you Gemma!!! haha).
I was very good and only bought a couple of things from the £5 sale, but I really wanted to try these things so I thought they were worth buying whilst they're so cheap! 

This is a really interesting concealer! I've never seen one so light, it's described as a ''white with pink undertones''. 
I'm a self-confessed pale face so I wanted to see how this would work on my skin, I think it will make my undereyes look a lot brighter and more awake! 
But I will say that the packaging is sleek looking, but it's AWFUL to open, really difficult to get a grip on it!

It's quite thick but feels moisturising and almost slippery when applied.

The top picture is a freckle on my hand before the concealer is blended in, and the second is after it's blended in.
I think it's quite impressive, it is too shiny though so I would have to set it with a powder, but I haven't tried it on my face yet so watch this space! 

 I first saw this beautiful loose pigment on Louise's (Sprinkle Of Glitter) blog and Youtube channel, and I fell in love! But it's £16.50 when it's full price so I couldn't justify it as a loose pigment isn't something I'd use on my eyes everyday, it's something I'd use for nights out or special occasions.

 In the blurry swatch you can see just how many colours are in this pigment! 
It's a white base, but it has some light pink, blue, green, lilac and yellow glitter in there too, so many beautiful pastels that would just perk up any eye look when patted over it, or make a really zingy inner corner or browbone highlight! 
It's love <3

The sale is still on now at, but it finishes on Saturday so I suggest getting involved now! They've still got loads of things on sale, and when a brand is as expensive as Illamasqua you've got to take advantage when they have such good offers on.

Love to you all!

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  1. Illamasqua pigments are stunning!x

    1. They really are! Going to have to pick up another couple in the next sale!!

  2. I purchased some stuff from the sale recently and did a blog post about it. I'm a lot like you, I saw someone had bought stuff and straight away needed to buy something ha.

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele-Marie | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

    1. Just looked at your haul, great blog!! I was going to get that eyeliner cake, just because it had cake in the title haha, but i chickened out!

  3. I LOVE the look of that pigment! I saw it on Louise's blog but I love it more each time I see it.. I may have to finally cave and go buy it!

    1. Might as well now that it's a fiver! It's the perfect time :)

  4. wow, so stunning <3 nice review


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