The Lipstick TAG!

Hello my pretties! 
I've seen this tag floating around for a while, but when I saw the gorgeous Rebecca over at Be Beautiful do a video version of this tag I just knew I had to do it, it seemed like such fun! 

How many lipsticks do you own?
I had a clearout not long ago but now my grand total stands at 44! Which I think is quite reasonable..or am I delusional? 

What was your first ever lipstick? 
It was the MeMeMe Ultra Duo lipstick in the shade Eva, pictured above!
I remember it well because it was a glossy, shimmery pink on one side and a dark red, which I never dared to wear back then, on the other.
I got it free with some magazine I used to read back then, maybe it was Mizz or Shout, blasts from the past!!

 What is your most worn lipstick?
I couldn't decide on one! Surprise surprise, but they're both in the same ballpark colour-wise.
The top swatch is Creme Cup from MAC, this is a beautiful soft pink colour, I wear it all the time as it goes with every eye look and is such a low maintenance, feminine shade.
The bottom swatch is actually a discontinued shade (SAD FACE) so I have to ration it as I can't even find it on Ebay :( It's 17's Shine On lipstick in Flirty, I don't know why they discontinued this line of lipsticks because they're such a gorgeous formula! As you can tell my lipstick has taken a bit of a beating, the bullet has fallen out and I've smooshed it back in haha.

What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
You can't beat a MAC lipstick, if I had an inexhaustable supply of money I would buy only MAC lipsticks, but now that they're £15 each (yes, EACH!) they're more of a treat than a everyday purchase now! 
But the amount of colours, and formulas mean there's something for everyone! My MAC lipsticks are definitely my most used so they'd have to be my favourite! But honourable mention goes to Collection lipsticks, they're super cheap and really long lasting on the lips, the shade range is a little bit limited though.

What is your favourite finish?
It would have to be a nourishing, moisturising finish, like a MAC Cremesheen or MAC Amplified.
I also like Sleeks matte formulas because they don't dry out my lips like other mattes.

 What was the last lip product you bought?
It was from Black Pearl Blogs blog sale and it was Stila Shine Lip Color in Sarah.
I love this, it's a completely ''my lips but better'' shade and I wear it for work a lot when I'm wearing minimal makeup.

How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (including glosses and balms)
I have a Maybelline Vivids lipstick in Shocking Coral which is a beautiful neon coral, Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum which is just a browny-nude balm that I wear at work, BalmBalm lip balm which smells exactly like turkish delight! I'm not a huge fan of it but I wear it when I just want a balm on my lips, and a Yankee Candle lip balm in Vanilla Cupcake which is such a cute little novelty! This is my favourite Yankee Candle scent too so it's nice to have it in a lipbalm form, the scent is a nice little pick me up :)

 What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
These are my complete saviours when it comes to wearing a red lip! 
My holy grail red lipstick is the super cheap Collection Volume Sensation lipstick in Cherry Pop, it's such a long lasting, opaque finish of lipstick, it lasts literally 6 hours without being reapplied, it's a satin finish lipstick so it doesn't cling to the dry bits on my lips, but it isn't too glossy, perfect! 
And when I want a more glossy lip I turn to Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine lipgloss in Perfect Red, it has a blue tone in it so it makes my teeth look really white! You can either use it on it's own, its super opaque!, or use it over a red lipstick to make the colour pop even more! 

How do you store your lipsticks?
I use this acrylic lipstick storage from Ebay, you can get them from loads of different sellers for really cheap! 

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
My top 3 picks for the moment would be MAC's Chatterbox, MAC Saint Germain and Sleek True Colour Matte in Mystic.

Feel free to do this tag if you love lipsticks as much as me! 
Much love! 

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  1. Ooooh what a fun post to read! I like that you included so many pictures too! It really is a shame that the MAC lippys are getting so expensive now. I too would love to have a whole slew of them.

    1. Yeah I would have them all if I could but *siiigh* they're so pricey :(

  2. Loved reading this tag! MAC's creme cup seems to be an allround favourite. Need to have a look at that one soon!


    1. It's a definite must for any lippy collection :)

  3. So awesome! I think I only have 2-3 lipstick at home now, but I am looking for a vintage red that suits me...

    1. I would say Cherry Pop from Collection is a beautiful red! If you can get that, do :)


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