Urban Decay Naked Palette VS MUA Undressed Palette!

Hello lovelies!! 
My lovely boyfriend recently surprised me by buying me the original Naked palette so I thought I'd make a comparison post finally between this and the MUA Undressed palette! 
I did a post on the MUA palette when I first got it but as I didn't have the Naked palette then I couldn't do a comparison, but now the time has come!! 

This is what they look like side by side, obviously the Urban Decay palette is much more luxe packaging, the MUA is quite flimsy and probably if you dropped it it would smash like a unboiled egg, but it does the job! 
I can imagine the Naked palette would get wrecked because the faux-velvet on the front doesn't seem like the most practical thing to put on a palette! But it has a nice big mirror which is a plus.

Now time for side by side swatches! 
The ones on the left are Urban Decay and the ones on the right are MUA!

Virgin/Shade 1

Sin/Shade 2

Naked/Shade 3

Sidecar/Shade 4

Buck/Shade 5

Half Baked/Shade 6

Smog/Shade 7

Darkhorse/Shade 8

Toasted/Shade 9

Hustle/Shade 10

Creep/Shade 11

Gunmetal/Shade 12

As you can see, the Urban Decay wins in the pigmentation stakes (with the exception of Creep, but it's so sparkly that I'll overlook its lack of pigmentation), especially with the matte shades, but that doesn't mean the MUA palette doesn't pack a punch, because it surely does! 
For the difference in price, the MUA is a wonderful alternative to the Naked palette, whether you're just starting out with eyeshadow and want to experiment or if you're just lacking the funds to buy the original Naked palette, I'd say the MUA Undressed is a wonderful, cheap dupe!
But if you can spare the funds, go for the Naked palette, it really is a beauty! Plus you get a free Karma eyeshadow brush and sample size of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, score!!

MUA Undressed palette is available on the MUA website and in Superdrug stores nationwide for £4.

Urban Decay Naked palette is available all over the place, but there is a lot of fakes out there so I'd suggest going for a reputable chain like Debenhams, where it's currently £36.


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  1. They really are very similar! I got the Naked pallet for Christmas and have been loving it, I can do just about every look I want with it.


    1. Yeah it's really great! I'm loving the warm colours in contrast to the cool tones of the Naked 2 :)

  2. I own the Naked Palette but I keep meaning to pick up The undressed palette by MUA - it's always sold out in my local superdrug! x

  3. try lorac pro palette! It has more shades than the nakeds and is $8 cheaper!


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