Beauty UK Posh Palette - Masquerade!

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As regular readers will know, I love me an eyeshadow palette! So when I saw the Beauty UK had launched their Posh Palettes I knew I had to grab one! 
They have three variations of the palette, Eden, which looks a lot like the MUA Undress Me Too palette so I didn't pick that one up. 
Festival, which is a palette of neon brights, they look absolutely amazing but I knew I would never use it as I don't take massive risks with my eyeshadow.
And finally the one I picked up, Masquerade! This is a neutral palette, but it is a bit more interesting than the Eden palette because it has some taupe and cranberry colours thrown into the mix.

 These colours are really beautiful, admittedly, they're nothing too groundbreaking, but this is a great variety of neutrals in a palette.
The packaging is nice, the typical plastic casing that the MUA palettes come in and one of those useless sponge applicators (save your money, STOP putting those in palettes cosmetics companies!).
It has a slim mirror in the lid, not massively useful as you can only see a small portion of your face whilst using it, but it's better than nothing and would be ok for emergencies.
A downside is that these shadows don't have names :( I love it when beauty products have names, I know it doesn't affect the performance of the product at all but it's just a nice touch.

The top row is mostly lighter colours, they're all shimmer and my particular favourite is the taupe right in the middle and the warm-toned highlight colour second from the left, which is quite similar to The Balms Mary Lou-Manizer.

 The bottom row is deeper shades, and a couple of matte colours too including an amazing matte black! It's seriously so pigmented. And the purpley-red shade second from the left is a great MAC Cranberry dupe.

As for the quality of these eyeshadows, it's really good! Some of them aren't as pigmented as others, but as a whole they're great quality and even the ones that aren't so pigmented can be built up, plus fall-out is minimal which is always a good thing! 
I always use a eyeshadow primer on my lids, but even when I tested these on their own they lasted all day and looked just as good 6 hours later when I took them off as they did when I first put them on.
I like that they have a cool toned and a warm toned highlight shade on the top row, it means you can make so many different looks and no matter what your skintone there is shades that work for you in this palette.
I've found myself using this palette so much more than I thought I would! It has become an everyday pick for me in the past week or so.

The Beauty UK Posh Palettes are available online or in Superdrug stores nationwide for £5.99.

Lots of love!

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  1. For the price, this palette is a bargain! I love the colours :) Can't wait to pick one of these up!



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