Gift Idea's For The Tricky Male Species!

Hi everyone! 

Today I'm going to do a special post dedicated to my boyfriend, as it's his 22nd birthday today!! 
And as it is his birthday, I know what a struggle it is finding gifts for the men in your life, so that is exactly what the theme of this post is going to be!
Once you've exhausted the cliched gifts like comedy socks and Old Spice aftershave it can be pretty tough to think of presents that just jump out at you, so I hope this post will help in some way if you've got any tricky blokes birthdays coming up.
I'll be picking things that my personal friends, family and boyfriend would like, so I hope they'd suit yours too! :) 

I'll be splitting them up into 3 categories, male friends, family members and boyfriends, and giving a few ideas for each.

Male friends.
1. Half Moon Bay Dr Who Mug - £5.99 - One of my male friends really loves Dr Who so this would be perfect for him, he'd certainly get a kick out of drinking from the TARDIS! 
2. Personalised Chelsea Dressing Room Frame - £29.99 - This is a slightly pricier gift than all the others, but it would be such a great gift idea that I just had to include it! The one I've shown is for Chelsea football club, but they've got a number of different popular clubs on the Collectables website so you might be able to find the team you're looking for :).
3. Special FX Sabre - £9.99 - This is such a fun gift, and what boy doesn't like Star Wars?! Try getting one each for two of your male friends, then they can challenge each other to duels! But don't pretend to be Princess Leia,  because it might start to get weird...
4. Road Mice Jaguar XKR Silver Wireless Mouse - £12.99 - Filling in another cliche of ''what men like a lot'', cars! This is such a cool little gadget, a wireless mouse in the shape of a (really realistic) Jaguar XKR! Until you win the lottery, this will be a welcome replacement for the real thing I'm sure!

Family Members.
1. Personalised Family Poster - £25 - I just LOVE this, it's so fun, you can get it in all different colours, sizes and frames plus you can add in allsorts of members of your family including a grandpa with a walking stick, a teddy bear and a giant African snail (let's face it, we all have one of those in our families), so it's ultra customisable and would make such a special gift for a member of your family.
2. Personalised No.1 Dad Apron - £14.99 - My dad loves a bit of baking so this would be a lovely gift for him!
3. Pointless Board Game - £19.99 - I don't know about you, but I really like playing some good old board games with the family! And this one is based on one of me and my dads favourite gameshows Pointless, so we'd love it!
4. Soft Felt Spectacles Case - £15 - This is so funky and classy, if you have a groovy granddad or a cool dad this would be a brilliant present for them!

1. Personalised Leather Bound Notebook - £45 - My boyfriend is obsessed with stationary, so even though this notebook is pretty pricey it is real leather and I think he'd get a real kick out of it!
2. My Keepon - £19.99 - You'll probably have seen this cute little guy dancing away in the EDF energy adverts, but if you haven't basically what he does is dance along to the rhythm of any song you play to him, hours of fun and I think my boyfriend would love it. Watch a video of My Keepon on Youtube to appreciate the full cuteness!
3. Camera Lens Cup - £10.49 - Another thing my boyfriend loves is camera's, so he'd really appreciate this novelty cup in the shape of a camera lens, I think it's so cool! If I'd seen this before his birthday I would have bought it for him! Oh well, there's always Christmas.....
4. Dexter Bobblehead Sgt Doakes - £17.99 - Me and my boyfriend LOVE Dexter, and we're super sad it's almost come to an end :( but our favourite character is the wonderful Sergeant Doakes! (SURPRISE MOTHERFU....well you get the idea). I bought my boyfriend the Dexter bobblehead a couple of years ago and he has it on his desk at work, so it would be rude not to give him his old pal (ahem..) Doakes to play with right?

And there we have it! Mostly fun novelty gifts, but I think they're the best! I know I always favour them when buying presents for the men in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas!
What's the best present you've ever bought someone? I love hearing about stuff like that! 

Much love!!

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