Good Things ''Bright Eyes'' Eye Cream - Review!

Hi guys! 
Today I'm doing a review of a new eye cream I've just bought, the Good Things ''Bright Eyes'' Eye Cream.
I ran out of all my eye cream samples so I wanted to buy a cheap one and when I was in Sainsbury's I noticed this one for only £5.99 so I picked it up!

It smells amaaazing, very fruity like all of the Good Things line.
It spreads pretty evenly, I find it's easier to apply when you pat it on than when you smooth it on your under eyes.
It sinks in well, it's usually disappeared into my skin within about 5 minutes of applying.
As for any lasting effects, it leaves my under eyes hydrated and I haven't had puffy eyes since using it, but with things like eye creams you can't really tell if they're actually working on decreasing wrinkles or dark circles for a long time after you start using them, because those kind of changes take a long time to become noticeable!

. Sinks in quickly
. Hydrating
. Smells amazing!
. Budget friendly

. Better suited to younger skins as it doesn't have any anti-ageing qualities
. Not available to purchase in many places, I've only seen it in Tesco and Sainsbury's so far

Overall I'd say if you're on a budget and are more worried about dark circles than wrinkles under your eyes, then this would be a great eye cream choice for you!

Hope you're all well :)


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  1. Im so glad it smells nice I always seem to find eye creams that smell medeciney if you know what I mean

    Sophie at SOPHisticatexx

    1. Definitely! Especially the Clinique one, puts me off!


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