L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Face & Body Mists - Review!

Hello everyyybodyyy!!!
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How are you all? I've been loving blogging so much lately and keeping in touch with you all! I feel very motivated and inspired :)
Today I'm bringing you a review of the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze tanning mists, one for the face and one for the body, a B.O.G.O.F review!

We'll start with the (DEEP BREATH) L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro Facial Self-Tanning Dry Mist (phewww!).
I'll start with the claims on the front of the can; 
''Micro-diffusion spray'', not sure what that means, but if it means it casts an even spray of product over your face then it's true! It doesn't just spurt out in one line and drench a single spot on your face, it's just a fine mist that's easy to control.
''No need to rub in'', true! Just spray on and leave it.
''8hr hydration'', nada, no way, it left my face feeling dry.

I don't know whether I'm being extremely thick about this product, but I can't get it to show up on my face at all! I spray it on at night and the next morning my face hasn't changed colour at all!
Maybe it's because I can't bear not to put on moisturiser after I use it, maybe it stops it from working, but I literally couldn't bear not to moisturise because this makes my face feel stiff! Thumbs down from me I'm afraid, if they had a darker shade in the line I might have tried that but unfortunately there's only one shade.
If you'd still like to try it though it's currently on offer for £7.49 (down from £11.49, say whaaat?!) in Superdrug.

Let's go for the claims again! You've got to love makeup brands outrageous claims (104 hour wear, etc).
''Ultra wide micro diffusion spray'', once again, it has a lovely mist! But as it's not tinted I feel like I can't see where it's going and I feel like I use a lot of product to make sure I'm properly covered.
''No need to rub in'', once again, yes indeed, you just spray and go.
''No streaks, no self tan smell'', ah...we were doing so well! I was left with streaks everytime I used it because I couldn't see where I was covering with the spray so I was doing some bits twice and not doing other bits at all! And it doesn't smell like fake tan when you first apply it, it smells more like a faint hairspray smell, but it does develop that ever familiar ''I'm a walking biscuit tin'' smell a few hours later.

This is a good mist to use on parts of your body that are hard to tan, like your hands and feet, because it can get between the fingers/toes and doesn't deposit too much product, but as far as using it as a normal fake tan for the rest of my body, I'm not sold.
Maybe I'm just not a fan of spray-style fake tans as a whole, but it seems so difficult to use and I love such an intense colour that I'd have to top up my tan every hour of everyday to get the colour I wanted! 
Plus the price point is a bit outrageous, £15.49 for 150ml of product is too much for a drugstore tanning option in my opinion!
It's currently on offer for £11.49 in Superdrug though so if you want to try it, now would be the time!
For the intensity of colour I like I'll be sticking to either Lauren's Way or St Moriz tanning mousses or lotions! 

Basically, I wish I'd enjoyed these but alas, they weren't my cup of tea, maybe if you like a very subtle tan and are more accustomed to spray-style tans than me you might like these products, but for me they didn't work! L'Oreal sent me these products to review (full disclosure!) but when I run out of them I won't be repurchasing, I think for what I'd use the body one for (just my hands and feet), over £15 is too much and I'd just look for a cheaper alternative.

Bit of a rambly one!! Hope you enjoyed :) 
Ta-ta for now! 

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  1. I hate using fake tan for this reason! Streaks and smelling like a McVities digestive!

    That's really pricey too, £15.49! Say whaaa, indeed!


    1. Yeah for that price I expected a lot more!!


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