L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim & Gel-matic Eyeliner.

Happy hump-day everyone! 
Not long now until the weekend, do you have many plans?
I'm off to Durham on Saturday for my friend Joe's birthday, I've been desperately searching for a new outfit for it but isn't it funny, when you're actively looking for a outfit nothing jumps out at you! 

Anyway, enough rambling! 
Today I'm going to do a review of some products I was sent by L'Oreal, they sent their new range of eyeliner products in a gorgeous presentation box;
But I thought I wouldn't review all of the products at once, I'm just going to do them two at a time otherwise this would be a huge post! 
First I'm going to review the Super Liner Perfect Slim;
It has a really long, thin tip, and is perfect for creating a fine line on the lid.
I used to be sceptical about these felt tip liners, they were never black enough and I felt like they tugged at my eyelid, but lately I've been mad for them and have had my mind completely changed!
This one is super black and wet, so it makes it easy to get a true black line.
It also has a curved part to the pen, which makes it easier to grip.
You're supposed to store these horizontally to stop them from drying out, which isn't very practical for me as I store mine in a pot.

And I'm also reviewing the L'Oreal Gelmatic Automatic liner in ultra black;
I like the fact that this is a automatic pencil so you don't have to sharpen it, because that can be a massive pain! 
I never get along with pencils like this really, I don't know whether I have a particularly watery waterline but pencils never last very long there for me! 
This one fared better than most on me, but I find they all rub off in the corners.

As you can see, the Gelmatic liner is a matte gel pencil, and the Perfect Slim is very glossy and would be perfect for more glamorous, nighttime looks.

I also wore both of these liners to work, I work in a hot and hectic environment so this is the perfect test for makeup! 
This is what my eyes looked like before work;
As you can see, the Perfect Slim liner has given me a nice, solid line on the upper lashline, but the gelmatic feels quite dry when you use it so it took a few swipes to get it to the density you can see above.

This is my makeup 7 hours later, after a hectic, hot shift;
 As you can see from the shine on my face, it was a mad shift! 
But the Perfect Slim eyeliner has fared better than it usually does, you can see that it's slightly worn and smudged at the inner corners of my eye, but that's way less smudging than I usually see with eyeliners! and the rest of the line is perfect, and still blacker than black! 
As for the Gelmatic, well it didn't do too badly, but it wasn't massively pigmented to start off with so by the end of my day it had worn off even more, leaving me with a very faint line.

Overall, the Perfect Slim is a great eyeliner and one I've been using all the time! But the Gelmatic just doesn't set my world alight, I definitely think it could have been creamier and more pigmented, but I'd still use it on days when I want a subtle look in my waterline.

L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliner is available for £5.94 in the Feel Unique sale right now! 
The L'Oreal Gelmatic liner is currently sold out on the Superdrug website and I can't seem to find it on sale anywhere else, which is a bit odd! 

I'll be reviewing the other two products they sent me shortly, hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. great comparison review!! i like eyeliners that don't smudge easily! who has time to reapply during the day right?

    1. Exactly! If I put something on I want it to stay there until i choose to take it off haha

  2. I love the L'Oreal Perfect Slim eyeliner - It does not budge all day on me!

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