MTV VMA's 2013 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hello gorgeous people!
Today I'm doing a post I haven't done in a while, a best and worst dressed post! It was the MTV VMA's a couple of days ago and I was inspired to do this post by some of the hotties (and horrors!) from the red carpet! 

Best dressed

Katy Perry
We can certainly hear her ROAR from here!!
The dress is in danger of being too much, and it won't be to everyones taste, but I love how she's kept her hair and makeup simple and just let the dress do the talking! She can do (almost) no wrong in my eyes, and I even loved the comedy ''grills'' she wore to the event, she doesn't take herself too seriously which is very endearing!
Plus, major shoe envy <3

Ellie Goulding
The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was ''I wonder if those spikes are stabbing into the hand on her hip?''.
But the SECOND thing I thought was, WOW! I'm not a fan of Ellie Goulding's music, and I find her quite annoying, but there is no denying she looks stunning here! 
She's managed to mix edgy, girly and glamorous, she's got the balance just right.
Although I would maybe have gone for a updo because that gorgeous studded neckline on the dress is being drowned in her hair.

Taylor Swift
Someone is definitely channeling Marilyn with her hair and makeup here! 
It's nice to see Taylor dressing more glamorous nowadays and less like her gran, because she has a figure to die for! 
But Taylor, stop referencing your exes because, take it from me, that's a BAD look.

A bejeweled skeleton?! Whatever next.
But saying that, I love it! Once again, it might be a bit OTT for some, but I think if you've got it, flaunt it! She's kept her hair and makeup low-key to make up for the intense drama of the dress, just like Katy, well played Ciara!

One Direction
My, how they've grown up! 
The boys looked especially gorgeous at the VMA's so I thought they deserved a mention! Any excuse to show a picture of these boys though ;)

Worst dressed

I like to imagine that Ashanti got the call to go to the VMA's whilst she was on the toilet, and in a panic she just wrapped herself in coloured toilet paper and ran out of the door.
The dress does her no favours and it looks like it could fall to pieces at any second! 

Miley Cyrus
Jesus woman, put that tongue away.
Whenever I see her posing like this it reminds me of a particularly over-eager Basset Hound I once met who had a fondess for licking my face.
But aside from her disturbingly long tongue and her cringey dancing at the ceremony with Robin Thicke (Google it, it's a trainwreck), this outfit is a mess! 
It's like they've given a 8 year old a packet of cheap rhinestones and a glue gun and told them to go mad.
As for the hairstyle, this is how I imagine Princess Leia's hair would look if it went on a diet.

Erin Wasson
Her face says it all, she must have just caught sight of herself in a mirror.
She's a supermodel, I would have thought she could afford to wear something better than a cheap beach sarong and a turbie towel on her head.
I sometimes see outfits like this and think ''surely this is a joke?!'', but her deadpan face tells me it isn't.
Crack a smile love! It might never happen, but by the looks of this outfit it already has.

Miley Cyrus
Yes you read that right, It's Miley again! Because she deserves another mention for her second terrible outfit of the night, some PVC underwear.
*So it's acceptable to go out in your underwear now is it? Well I think the people in Morrisons will get a shock when I next go in but OK, I'll follow ''fashion''.
And accessorise with a foam finger I can writhe around with suggestively you say? Got it! Miley, you're a fashion genius.

*note, extreme sarcasm starts here.

And there we go! The gorgeous, the cringey and the downright bizarre! 

Who was your best, and of course worst (the funner subject!), of the night? Let me know! 


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  1. All I could think when vaguely attempting to watch Miley's lovely routine was "Couldn't she have gotten a bra that actually fitted her properly??" It's clearly a cup size too big....also those latex pants do nothing for her and give her tiny tiny body back fat, as someone of a somewhat larger frame than hers, I definitely won't be following that fashion (also imgaine how sweaty you'd get in latex underwear! Gross.) File that set of outifts under "what was she thinking?!" I think!

    1. Latex underwear definitely isn't the most hygienic of choices!! I think she's doing a Charlie Sheen and acting crazy to get some press, she'll get over it soon haha


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