REVIEW - L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Exfotonic Body Polishing Gel.

Hello my pretties! 
Today I'm going to do a review on another product I was sent by L'Oreal from the Sublime Bronze range, I wasn't a massive fan of the actual fake tans (see my post on them here) so I was excited to see if I liked the other products in the range any better.
This is the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Exfotonic Body Polishing Gel (L'Oreal love their long names!).

 I love the bright blue packaging of this product! It's so cheery and really stands out on the shelf when you see it instore.
It apparently has AHA's in it which is used a chemical exfoliant, it doesn't tingle on your skin or anything though so it must have very little AHA chemicals in it, but still nice to know they're there and working to help smooth the skin!
Because of the AHA's I apply this with my hands and smother it all over my body in circular motions, then I don't rinse it off straight away, I leave it there to work its magic on my skin for a few minutes, and then I rinse it off.
It has really chunky exfoliating beads in it which REALLY scrub away at your skin, if you like a gentle exfoliation then this isn't the product for you, but luckily I like my body scrub to really scrub so this is perfect for me!
After using it my skin felt so smooth, it was like silk.
And even the next day my skin is feeling amazing still!
It has quite a strange smell, it smells exactly like the classic Lush (the shop) smell! Quite sea-salty, not really up my street but it has grown on my from the first time I used it to now!

. A very hard-working scrub that removes dry skin quickly, without feeling rough and scratchy.
. Bright and cheerful packaging.
. Lathers up nicely on the skin when you scrub it, leaving your skin feeling moisturised after.
. Not too expensive at £7.99, and a little of this product goes a long way so this 200ml tube will last for ages!

. The scent isn't up my alley, but a lot of people will love it, it's quite fresh.
. Might not be good for sensitive skins as it's such a harsh scrub.

You can buy this in both Boots and Superdrug, but it's actually on offer for £5.99 at the moment in Superdrug so I'd recommend going there!

Lots of love!

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  1. I really want to try this, alot of people seem to love it! :)

    1. Yeah I've seen it in a few peoples videos on Youtube, it seems to be popular!

  2. I'd like to try this!



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