Super Stud Sunday - Adam Levine.

Welcome to the sexiest part of your Sunday! (which isn't hard, admittedly).
Today I'm featuring the gorgeous Adam Levine from Maroon 5!
They're one of my faaaavourite bands, they can do no wrong in my eyes and take me back to being a young teenager (lightyears ago now, or so it feels...) when This Love first came out!
And as well as my love for their music, my love for Adam Levine's face has also endured! And not just his face, his whole body too, I don't discriminate.
He is portrayed as a womaniser, but for me that just adds to his cheeky, (pop)rockstar charm!
He is devilishly handsome with a smile that suggests he has just been upto no good, there's something inherently irresistible about him!
Picture time, try not to lick the screen, save that for after....

 I'm definitely a groupie! (Or would be, if he gave me the chance...)
No wonder he has worked his way through the Victoria's Secret catalogue finding his girlfriends, who could say no?!


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