Super Stud Sunday! - Ryan Reynolds.

Hello gorgeous people!! 
I've had a few positive comments on my ''Girl Crush Friday'' series of posts so I thought I'd stop being sexist and do a boy version! (ooohhh, sexy boys on my blog, if I must....).
I'm starting with my constant number one, Ryan Reynolds, what can I say about the god that is this sexpot?!
He's funny, has a cute Canadian accent, is self-effacing and doesn't take the fame game too seriously and also happens to be a pretty good actor too! 
Plus he's married to the gorgeous Blake Lively, is there a more beautiful couple in the whole wide world?
Give your eyes a knife and fork, because they're about to have a FEAST....

 Those eyes! Those arms! That hair! He's perfect from head to toes (I bet even his feet are beautiful!).
I'll add this post to my list of 19457 reasons I want to be Blake Lively.

Have a great day!!

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  1. He is a dish isn't he! I have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling, I would do anything to marry him LOL!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. haha he's not my cup of tea personally but SO many women adore him! You can have him, and I'll have my Ryan, we can be matching ;)


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