Live Color XXL Ultra Brights REVIEW & My Brand New Hair Colour!!

Hello everyone! 
I've been so excited to share my new hair colour with you all that I couldn't wait any longer to do this post!! 
If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen the pictures of my hair, but as a lot of you probably don't I thought I'd do a post and show it off! 

First of all, I used ColourB4 on my hair, I already did a review of it on my blog (link here) so I won't go on about it, but that left my hair a gingery-brown colour, and then a couple of days later I used B Blonde hair lightener kit, which is bleach, and again I've used this before so I'll link that review here, and the bleach sent my hair the same crazy, tiger-ish colour it did before! 
But it was lightened enough for me to use the Live Color XXL Ultra Bright dye in Purple Punk!
I only used one box to begin with, because I forget how long my hair's gotten, and that covered most of it but there was some bits of hair that hadn't had enough dye on it, so I bought a second box to really intensify the colour!
Firstly, my hair went a much more raspberry colour than on the front of the box, but I think that was more down to the fact that my hair wasn't completely platinum blonde, I think to get the colour exactly like on the box you'd have to have bleached your hair until it's white!
But luckily, I absolutely LOVE the colour my hair has gone! I think it's very flattering, but I had to fake tan as soon as I dyed my hair because it looks a bit draining on my pale skin, but that's no bother for me as I love being tanned! 
It left my hair feeling really soft, considering I'd just used really strong bleach on it (40 vol!) it feels as good as new! 
I've washed my hair a couple of times now and the colour is still intense, I'm hoping it'll last for a long time and not wash out in 6-8 washes as it states on the box, because I love it! 
The XXL dye is £5.49 per box, so not cheap but I wouldn't need two boxes of it everytime, once my colour starts to fade a bit I'll buy another box just to top it up.

You can also buy the XXL Ultra Brights in blue, dark pink, bright pink, copper/orange and red, so when I'm bored of my purple hair who knows which other colour I'll choose....

Would you ever dye your hair this kind of colour? I'm loving it and everyone who's seen my hair has loved it too, which I didn't expect as it is quite bright! 
Let me know what you think!

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  1. what a pretty shade! it looks great on you, i wish I was this brave. xx

    1. Thank you! haha I think i'm more mad than brave!

  2. I used the bright pink shade and it faded really badly on the ends, id buy another box and put a blob of the dye paste into your conditioner to keep it topped up when you condition your hair :) x

    1. It seems to have clung to my hair really well but thanks for the tip, I might try this :D


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