Autumn Is Coming! - My A/W Knitwear Picks.

Hola monkey puzzles! 
I don't know whether this will be true for everywhere in the UK, but in the North it has definitely got a bit more Wintery in the past week or so! 
In fact, I even have the central heating on in my house for the first time in months! Personally I'm very glad that Autumn/Winter is coming, Summer was amazing and I hope we have such wonderful weather every year, but I've had enough, I want cosy duvet days watching films, drinking hot chocolate, Christmas decorations and fluffy socks back! 
So in the spirit of all things Autumnal, I thought I'd do a post about my favourite knitwear of the new season! All the colder weather clothes have just started filtering into the shops lately so there isn't a massive abundance yet, but I've seen some really cute things I wanted to share with all of you :)

How cute is this cropped jumper from Primark's A/W '13 collection?! I've been having a spy at all their new season stock on the Look magazine website and this jumper definitely stands out, I'd love to wear it with a black bodycon skirt, black tights and some chunky biker boots to toughen it up, effortless! 

As soon as I spied this jumper on I was really drawn to it, you don't see Roman key designs on clothes very often and it looks really striking just on the sleeves and neckline, and the monochrome colour scheme really adds something to it! 

I love a cute beanie hat in the colder months, not only because it looks good but because it means I don't have to spend as long doing my hair (lazy? me?) and I think this navy bobble hat would look so cute with my magenta hair :)

This tartan scarf is also from Primark and I think a red tartan scarf is a must for Winter '13! 
I bought one when I was on holiday in Edinburgh earlier this year and I absolutely love it! Plus this Primarni one is only £4, so you can't go wrong!

These chunky ''boyfriend'' style cardigans seem to be everywhere every year, but this one is a bit different because of the colour! 
I've never seen one in this gorgeous pastel blue before, and I think it'd be perfect for perking you up on a cold, rainy day.

There seems to be a trend emerging for these really fluffy, lurex-ish jumpers and I personally think a lot of them are too fluffy and would make you look two sizes bigger! But this one is a bit more understated and just looks really fun! 
Plus I think it would be really snug :)

ROMWE isn't a website I've ordered off before but I hear so much about it from Youtubers and bloggers that I'm always checking it out, and as soon as I saw this jumper it was love <3
Such a intricate design and looks like it'd be way more expensive than £21!

Boohoo's knitwear selection is on fire at the moment! This jumper has to be my favourite of it all though, you can get it in so many funky colours that will brighten up your Winter days, because who says bright colours are only for the Summer?!

Boohoo again, but I love this ''coatigan'' style knit, the print and colours look way more expensive than £18, plus it looks like it would keep you so nice and snug in the cold!
I think it looks so cute over a dress like the model too!

So beautiful! Looking at all these clothes has made me want Autumn to come even more!! 
Toodles beautiful people <3

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