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Hello everyone! 
Hope you're all well, I've had a fairly busy weekend as I went to a boot sale with one of my friends yesterday to get rid of some old clothes we didn't wear anymore and a few other bits and bobs, and we ended up making £124! Which is lovely when we didn't even go for the money really, we just wanted to free up some space in our bedrooms, but obviously the money is a bonus ;)

I'm on a bit of a ''spending ban'' at the moment as I've been quite irresponsible with my money lately, but these are a few bits and bobs that I've picked up over the past few weeks!

I bought this because I finally used up my Nuxe lip balm and wanted to try another to see what it's like.
This one is a really thick tube so it's a bit awkward to apply to the lips, I'll be doing a full review on this some other time but I will say it smells DE-lish! 

I love this lip balm/cream for nighttime use, before I go to bed I slather this on and it feels fresh and minty on my lips!
It runs out pretty quickly but I think it's really good at repairing my very dry lips.

When I went looking for these much hyped lip balms this was the only one I could find, and I'm not blown away! It's a very shimmery peach colour and although I do get use out of it, I wouldn't say it's the most flattering colour in the world on me, and it doesn't feel particularly moisturising on my lips.
In America they've just brought out the Baby Lips Electro Kick version which is supposed to be more neon, so I'm very interested to use that! But as far as this particular one goes, I'm not sold.

I'm a HUGE fan of these nail varnishes, it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon but when I finally got on I definitely clung on for dear life! 
I did a full review of this range of polishes here but as far as these colours go, they're so beautiful and are opaque in two coats with a high shine (as the name suggests!) finish.

I love this foot butter, it's SO cheap but really does a great job of moisturising my feet, it's normally £2.99 but it's on offer at the moment in Sainsbury's so I'd advise getting your hands (or feet!) on it now! 
I'll be doing a full review of this as I think Dirty Works products are so good that they deserve a bit of recognition!

This was also on offer and I'd never used it before, but I thought for 99p I'd give it a go! And it's wonderful, it's so minty that it makes my feet feel so fresh and clean, plus it does a good job of smoothing my heels and stubborn dry patches :) 
Once again, I'll be doing a full review!

My favourite Stila dry shampoo is running out and I can't seem to find it anywhere so I thought I'd try this Batiste one again even though I found it a bit claggy and heavy last time, but I'm all for giving stuff a second chance!

This is far and away my favourite deodorant! Smells amazing no matter which scent you get and really works to stop you being a sweaty beast!

These are THE best sweet treat in the known world! 
The perfect mix of sweet and salty, they're absolutely irresistible! They're quite pricey online but you can get them for £2.99 if you have a American candy shop near you, and they seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment!

I bought lots of books from the British Heart Foundation charity shop, they were on five for £1 so I couldn't pass them up! I'll list them below and link them on Amazon where I can :)

And even more! Yes, I love a good book!! I was going to start book reviews at some point on this blog, when I get round to it haha.

There we go! I'm going to try and not do another haul for a while and be more careful with my money as me and my boyfriend are going to Manchester for my birthday next month so I want to save save save! 
Buuuut...I can't promise anything, a haul or two might pop up sometime ;)


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