Girl Crush Friday - Bar Refaeli!

Happy Friday my bonbons! 
I'm super excited for my week off next week, I'm planning a productive week, I'm going to try and accomplish some tasks that I've been meaning to get around to for a while now, but I do realise that I lack motivation at times so I'll probably backtrack on all of them, whereee do some people get their motivation from?! I was definitely at the back of the queue when it was being handed out.

Today my girl crush is Bar Rafaeli! A Israeli Sports Illustrated model, philanthropist and the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo Dicaprio, she's not really a high achiever is she.....
She's obviously beautiful, it's her job, but it's a effortless beauty, from her freckles to her flowing hair she is beautiful but without the vanity and upkeep attached.

 And Leonardo dumped this girl?! What was he thinking! 


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