H&M ''Nudes'' Eyeshadow Palette - Possible ''Naked Basics'' Palette Dupe?!

Hi there pumpkins! 
Today I'm gonna do a post about some H&M makeup, I think H&M makeup is vastly underrated and I always get excited when I see new products from them whilst browsing their website, so when I saw they were doing eyeshadow palettes I almost squealed with excitement! 
Eyeshadow palettes are my (not so) new obsession and I feel the same about them as Ash Ketchum felt about Pokemon, I have to catch them all!! 

 The packaging is very cute, not very sturdy as it's only cheap and plastic but it still looks pretty nice! 
This palette looks on first glance to be a vague dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and I would say it is a good dupe colour wise, but the Naked Basics palette is completely matte bar one shadow, whereas this H&M palette is all shimmer apart from one shade.

The first colour is a great dupe for Venus from the Naked Basics palette, a gorgeous shimmery white with a slight pink tone in some lights.
Apart from that one I'd say the rest of them are good colour matches, but as I said before they have shimmer in them so they're not exactly the same, also there is no black in this palette.
This palette would be good for anyone who was going to buy the Naked Basics palette but was put off by all the matte shades, as I know I was as I'm a shimmer girl at heart! 

As for the pigmentation, they're all brilliant apart from the second shade from the left, it is a pretty pointless shadow as it has virtually no colour unless it's packed on really heavily.

This makes for a really handy little palette to just throw in your handbag/overnight bag and go, it would be great for a weekend away where you have to pack light, as you could create quite a few different looks with this palette.

Lasting power on these eyeshadows is really good even without a primer, but I'd say just to be on the safe side pop on a primer anyway to intensify the colour.

This palette is also available in a few different colour combinations, so I'll probably be picking up a couple more!

The H&M Nudes eyeshadow palette is available from H&M stores worldwide, and also from H&M online for just £3.99!


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