MUA Starry Night Palette REVIEW!

Hello my lovely readers!! 
I hope you're all well, and enjoying my new blog layout! 
I've been working sooo much this week, and next week is looking to be the same but I'm fine with it because the week after that my birthday week starts!! 
My 22nd (I know, I'm getting old) birthday looms and I'm not much of a birthday person but I'm still very excited! 

Today I'm going to do a review on a palette I've had for a while but I've never really played with before, the MUA Starry Night palette!

 This palette is a beautiful mix of ''starry night'' types of colours, purples, blues and greys with a pink and a black thrown into the mix.

 All of these shades are shimmer so if you don't like shimmer then this palette is most certainly not for you! 
Luckily for me, I love shimmer so I'm in my element! 
All of the shadows are amazingly pigmented, some of them are so shiny they almost give a foil effect to the eye! 

I'm a big fan of purple makeup on me as I have brown eyes, I think it really makes them pop, and this palette has some amazing purples in it that I can't wait to have a play around with! 

You can purchase this from MUA online or from Superdrug stores nationwide for just £4! 

Much love!

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  1. The colours looks very pretty, lots of sparkle!

    1. They are beautiful :) Definitely going to try and remember to use this more!


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