My Graze Box Review! (And Your Chance For A Freebie!)

Hello ladies! 
I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and one of the hardest things for me when I'm trying to be healthier is knowing what to snack on, because I'm a big snacker! 
So I decided to give a Graze box another chance, I've tried them before and I ordered a few then stopped, but I'm much more into healthier stuff now than I was years ago.

I'm going to show you what I got in my box and then give you reviews of each snack individually, because I know it can be a bit confusing knowing what you'd like and wouldn't like by just looking on the Graze website, and if I carry on getting these boxes then I might make this a weekly post :)

 I love the packaging, it's such a simple but cute design, and the little joke hidden behind the snacks is a sweet little touch! 
I'll be interested to see if the design of the box is different as the seasons change, that would be a nice touch also! 

 I tried this punnet first, it was filled with mini cookies, white chocolate buttons, hazelnuts & sunflower seeds! 
Pretty yummy, obviously the sunflower seeds weren't the highlight of the bunch, but it was something to nibble on and stopped me eating chocolate biscuits! 
It lasted me well over an hour, I just kept dipping in and eating little bits while I was on my computer blogging.

As you can see, it's quite high in fats, but that's because it has nuts in it, saturated fats (bad fat) is a different story, so overall this is good for you, but might not be as great if you're cutting calories.

It really filled me up and I'd definitely recommend putting this in your Graze box.
Try eating one of everything, it tastes lush!

 Then I had this one with a cup of tea the following day, what a treat to have ''healthy'' brownies! And you get three small ones, so it's not a stingy amount! 
I'll be honest, these are more like a chocolate sponge than brownies, they don't have that gooey centre that brownies are supposed to have, but nonetheless they're very yummy and I'd definitely recommend these! 

This one was definitely my favourite of all of them! Unbelievably yummy for a healthy snack (I mean, it's no Twix, but it's a start).
There is white chocolate buttons, amaretti drops, almond slices and coconut shavings in this pack.
The coconut shavings are not really my cup of tea, there is too many of them, but everything else is lovely, especially the amaretti drops, super yummers!! 

This was definitely not my bag, too salty, pungent and tough, maybe if you've tried jerky before then put this in your box but I didn't like it at all!

And there we go! I've got another one for next week so I'll be sure to do another review on it for you once I've eaten all of them :)

If you would like your own Graze box for free, then please do use my friend code! 
Just click here to be taken straight to the page to order your first FREE box :)

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  1. I've only had a grace box once and loved it, not really sure why I didn't carry it on. Looks like you got some really nice nibbles in yours! Beef jerky, yum, I love it!

    1. Haha beef jerky isn't my cup of tea like! But just goes to show that there's something for everyone in these boxes!!


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