Super Stud Sunday - Bradley Cooper!

Hola hot stuffs!
Well...this day was bound to's time for Bradley Coopers go at Super Stud Sunday!!

With his piercing blue eyes, megawatt smile and ability to speak FRENCH (if you haven't seen the video then watch it here, YOU'RE WELCOME) he was always bound to crop up here sooner rather than later! 

He also seems like a very affable, friendly guy, when you see him interviewed he never comes across as snooty or up himself, he seems like a genuinely nice guy! 
Whether he has long hair or short hair, speaking French or just speaking in his usual Philly' drawl, he's so hot you'd need oven gloves to touch him.

 There is just something about a gorgeous man with a fluffy animal isn't there, it sends me crazy!! 
And to top it all off, he advertises for Haagen Dazs ice cream, which means he'd have a lifetimes supply in his freezer! Now if that doesn't make him the perfect man, I don't know what does!!


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  1. Much needed man-candy on a Sunday evening - this has made me drool slightly! I don't understand how anyone could go for Haagen dazs over this guy! xxx

    1. I know! I would be happy if everyone else was running after the Haagen Dazs though, more Bradders for me ;) haha


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