Super Stud Sunday! - Gary Barlow.

Sunday Sundaaay!
Time for Super Stud Sundayyy! 
And just like my Girl Crush Friday post, this one is going to be X Factor themed! 
Did you enjoy the new episode yesterday? I'm glad the audition room is back instead of the live audience, I really hated it when they switched over to that! 
But it's definitely lost some of its lustre, it just feels like they're recycling the same old sob stories and dramas every year.
But enough ranting! This post is about super studs, and super studs I will bring you! 
In the form of Take That frontman Gary Barlow! 
Yes, he's old enough to be my dad, but no, that doesn't bother me.
He's got super skinny and fit looking recently but personally I preferred him a few years ago when he was a bit cuddlier! 
He's also a super talented singer and a Ivor Novello winning songwriter, doesn't talent just make people even more attractive? <3

 He's just a bit dapper isn't he! 
He wears the heck out of a suit <3 


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