The Blog Formally Known As ''The Beauty Belle''....

Hi everyone!! 
You might notice something a bit different about my blog today, and it is that my name has changed! 
The look of my blog is still the same for now but I'm in the process of designing a new theme (or getting someone else to do it for me anyway haha) but my name change is a pretty big deal for me! 
I chose The Beauty Belle as my name a long time ago, when I wasn't even convinced I would keep up blogging, so now that it's become my main hobby and a great love of my life I just didn't feel happy with the name.
It was lazy of me to just put any random word after the word ''Beauty'', my only reason for Belle is that she is my favourite Disney princess really! 

I must admit, the name I opted for is not my first choice, I did think of ''Beauty She Wrote'' first, and I love it and think it suits my blog more, it's cleverer and less of a dull name than before (and who doesn't love Murder She Wrote?! Jessica Fletcher is the bomb), but then I thought of ''Beauty & The Rest'' (another nod to Beauty & The Beast..not sure why I'm so obsessed with it haha) and thought that was perfect for me as I don't only do beauty on my blog, it's predominantly beauty but I also put in other stuff too.
But unfortunately, all the and .com domain names for Beauty & The Rest were gone :( So I opted for Beauty She Wrote, which I think I'll definitely grow into and get used to, it's just a change for now! 

So I just wanted to put this post out there to let you all know about the change, and that my theme will be changing too, as I like to keep you all informed on all my life changes :)

Also I'm planning a special surprise for all my readers can probably guess what it is ;)

Hope you're all well! 
Love you!

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