Ebay Dupes For The Real Techniques Brushes - All Under £2!!

Hi again beautiful people! 
Hope you're all well, I'm currently not so well, I've caught the dreaded seasonal cold that's been going around! It was bound to happen, I have a nonexistent immune system so if there's any cold going around I'll catch them! 
I've been taking vitamin C lately though which I think has been helping me ward them off, but this cold has managed to sneak past my vitamin C defences :(

Anyway, enough about me! Today I'm going to do a post about some Real Techniques dupes that I found on Ebay, I've seen a few other posts on these but I thought I'd add my two cents anyway :)

L-R - E01, F05 & E05
 Believe it or not, these brushes are newly washed, even though two of them look like they're used! So these brushes definitely absorb more product making it harder to get them to LOOK clean, but they actually are completely clean, so I don't really mind if they're stained as long as they're germ free!

As for the actual brushes, they're amazing! The look of them is pretty much exactly the same as Real Techniques brushes, except you can get them in a few different colours which you can't with Real Techniques.
I have the E01, F05 and E05 brushes, they're all super-soft and do a great job at applying foundation, the E05 gives a softer, more natural look and the F05 gives a more full coverage look.
I use the E01 for highlight mostly, but it'd be a great blush brush too and it's the perfect size for the apples of your cheeks.

This seller does loads of different kinds of them, I've since purchased a few more of them and I'm so happy with them all! 
They ship from Hong Kong so naturally you have to wait about 2 weeks for them to arrive, but I think that's a small price to pay for such a great, cheap product! 

I wouldn't say I'd never buy Real Techniques again now I've found this, because I do love their brushes and would still buy any new sets that come out, but these Ebay dupes are great supplements to your brush collection and I guarantee if you buy them, you'll love them! 

Prices start range from £1.59 to £1.93 from Seller 99ac, listing is linked here.
Toodles! x

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  1. wow, thanks for sharing these brushes! i love real techniques but sometimes i don't want to have to buy the whole set just for one brush - these look to be a great alternative! x


    1. Yeah they definitely are! They're great additions to any brush collection, even if you still use your Real Techniques mostly! x

  2. Wow! Such a great price for those brushes and they look like really good dupes!

  3. This is music to my ears, I have a slight obsession for brushes and real techniques are my faves! like you i'd probably still buy them, but extras are always welcome x

    1. So do i! haha I hardly ever used to bother with brushes much, but now I'm a full on hoarder!! x


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