L'Oreal Ever Riche Perfect Elixir - A Spray-On Hair Mask?!

Hello peeps!!
Today I'm doing a review on a new product to me, a SPRAY ON intensive hair mask! 
Now, if you know your beauty products you'll know that these masks usually come in a tub, or occasionally a tube, but to find one in a spray bottle is a real novelty! 
The packaging of this whole range is lovely, I used and reviewed the shampoo and conditioner (link here) and I really liked them, this spray has the same creamy almond scent that the shampoo/conditioner has too.

The spray on this bottle is nice and even, but I find it hard to cover all of my hair, especially the lengths, with a spray.
It's a lot easier to just grab a handful from a tub and smear it all over the lengths of my hair, instead of craning my arms around and trying to get enough product on my hair.

I also felt like I had to use a lot of this spray to cover my hair the amount I'd want it to be covered.

It doesn't weigh down my hair and I can use it on my roots, but I wouldn't say it's an intensive conditioner for me, it gives me the same results a normal conditioner would give me.

. Smells great!
. Doesn't weigh your hair down, not even the roots.
. Spray is nice and even, doesn't just shoot out on one spot.

. Hard to spray it evenly on the back and lengths, feels awkward.
. Not moisturising enough to be ''intensive'' for me.

Basically I would say this product is a nice gimmick, but for functional use I'd just buy the pot version of this! 

L'Oreal Ever Riche Perfect Elixir is available from Boots for £6.99.

Byesie-bye! x

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  1. I have been loving L'Oreal hair products lately this one included, I think they have amazing stuff :) I just did a review for a range of their eyeshadows actually, would love for you to check it out! x


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