October Birchbox - My First Beauty Box & Free Shipping Code!

Hello and welcome!!
I've seen so many Birchbox reviews floating around and usually I'm pretty underwhelmed by the contents of the boxes if I'm honest! 
But as soon as I saw this one I was so tempted, I tried to resist but I just couldn't, I HAD to order it (OK, I didn't HAVE to....I might be being slightly dramatic)!

 I love the packaging, I've already used the box to store my hair products in! 
You get lots of little cute info cards to read as well which pleases me :)
Now onto the products! 

These are little seeds that are packed full of omega 2 and other goodies, you can sprinkle them on your porridge or blend them into a smoothie or green juice, nice idea, and I look forward to trying them but I can't say I'm super excited or would buy them myself.

 This product was one of the reasons I was so super excited to receive this box! 
This lanolin rich lip balm is supposed to be brilliant for restoring chapped lips and I certainly have very dry lips at the moment! 
I didn't want to spend the full £11.50 on this product until I'd tried a sample so I jumped at the chance when I saw this box! 
So far I'm loving it :)

I haven't used this product yet but it's a two in one lip and cheek stain, I've never tried one of these before so I'm curious to see whether it works on me!

This was definitely the product that made me want to buy this box the most! It's not everyday you see Laura Mercier pop up in a beauty box! 
I've been wanting to try a really good primer for a while as my makeup has an annoying habit of sliding off my face and going walkies sometimes, so this is super exciting for me! 

You get three sachets of this balm-to-oil skin cream and to be honest it's not really for me! It's far too greasy once it's been warmed up in your hands and takes forever to sink in, I will use up the other two sachets but I won't be purchasing it.

This is a really lovely exfoliator, you feel a slight tingle when you're rubbing it into the skin and I suppose that's because it has lactic acid in it.
It left my skin really smooth and refreshed and I'm looking forward to using it again.

I haven't used mousse on my hair in a longgg time! I have naturally wavy hair but I always blowdry and straighten/curl it whenever I'm going anywhere or just let it airdry without putting any product on it to give it a break.
I've used this mousse once and my hair didn't feel crunchy, but it did dry my hair out a bit which my hair definitely doesn't need after all the bleaching and dyeing it's been through!

And that's everything! Pretty great box I think, and word on the street is that the November box will also contain another Laura Mercier product too, so watch this space!! 

Birchbox is £10.00 plus £2.99 delivery, but with the code NEW10 you can get free shipping!
Toodles! x

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  1. Looks like you got some really nice samples, makes me want to start up a beauty box subscription again!

    1. Well I'm heading into my second month of Birchbox, so we'll see if I keep it up after this one haha seems a lot of money for samples!! x


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