Pixi Eye Glow Cube ''Lucent Lid Light''.

Hola girlies! 
Today I'm going to do a review on one of my birthday presents that I featured in my birthday haul post a couple of weeks ago (can't believe my birthday was that long ago, time is flying!!).

 I love the cute packaging, this nice mint green colour is quite unique and I like that the drawer with the blush and the highlighter in pulls out, but the drawer is quite loose so if you tip it forward it tends to slide out even when you don't want it to.
You get 16 eyeshadows as well as the blush and highlighter so this is really great value! 
But be warned, they do contain talc and mica so if you have sensitive eyes or are particularly health conscious then that's something to think about.

 The eyeshadows are really densely pigmented, the colour payoff really surprised me when I first used them! 
The highlighter is also pigmented, but the blush is quite natural and not as pigmented, but that would be great if you have a tendency to be quite heavy-handed with your blush application (not naming any names...me).
This is such a perfect neutrals palette, but it has a few pops of purple and cranberry colours to add some interest, a really beautiful palette that I'd recommend to anyone! 

Pixi Eye Glow Cube is available from FeelUnique for £18.00.

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  1. These colours look so nice. I don't wear eye make-up enough to warrant purchasing this but it would definitely make an awesome gift for one of my friends.


  2. The shades look really nice! Those shimmer tones would be so nice for Winter!

    1. Yep! It'll definitely be getting a lot of use around party season haha! x


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