Review - Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub.

Hello gorgeous people! 
In the Winter the best thing we can arm ourselves with against the harsh cold and dry skin is a good body scrub, but why stop there? You can get foot scrubs, hand scrubs and, the topic of this post, lip scrubs! 

 This is my second pot of this scrub, my first one was the Bubblegum flavour, which was lovely but got a bit sweet and overpowering after using it for a long time, so I went for a slightly more salty one to avoid that happening again.

The gimmick of these lip scrubs is they're all natural and once you've scrubbed them over your lips and got off all the dead skin, you can eat the remaining scrub! 
That sounds gross, but there isn't actually any dead skin for you to lick off your lips, this scrub just buffs the top layer making it smoother so don't be put off by the thought of eating your own dry skin haha! 

Popcorn is a gorgeous salted caramel taste, very buttery with a hint of salt, I love anything with a touch of the savoury to it so this is more suited to my tastes than the other scrubs.

It leaves my lips feeling very moisturised thanks to the coconut and jojoba oils, which leave a lovely balmy feeling after you've used it.

These products do have a use-by date on them but I find that they last me for ages so I always use them past that date, but I'm assured by a Lush employee that it won't go off or do anything horrific to me!

Lush Popcorn lip scrub is available from and also Lush stores worldwide for £5.25.

Toodles! x

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  1. This looks amazing! Definitely will be purchasing this!

    Cariad xx

    1. It's so gorgeous, and it might be pricey but it lasts for ages! x


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