Yes! Nurse ''Protect Your Lovely Hands'' - The Cutest Hand Cream Ever?!

Hi guys!! 
I don't know about you, but for me as soon as the sun goes behind the clouds and a chill starts to set in, the skin on my hands turns to lizard scales!
So I'm always on the lookout for a hand cream to turn my scales back into skin!
And that's where the Yes! Nurse ''Protect Your Lovely Hands'' cream comes in;
 I just HAD to include lots of pictures of the lovely packaging! I love it when a company takes the time and effort to make their packaging something unique.

The product also has a very unique background to it, basically it was founded by a young paediatric nurse back in 2009 after she was signed off from work with very dry, cracked hands, something a lot of nurses suffer from as a result of all the hand-washing and other factors.
After seeing a lot of her colleagues signed off with the same thing she decided to take matters into her own hands (a little pun for you!) and develop a hand cream that would tackle all of their problems (well, all of their hand-based ones).

It's a very rich cream, I can understand why it's used to soothe hands as well as treat dryness and cracked skin and it makes your hands feel instantly smoother.

The smell is quite faint, which is nice as I don't like strongly scented hand creams! But you can make out a light almond and honey scent.

You'd think that as it's a rich cream that it would take forever to sink in, but it does so in mere seconds! 

I would write my usual pro's and cons list, but I don't actually have any cons for this product!! 
It's a gorgeous hand cream, with lovely packaging and a sweet backstory, what more could you want from a hand cream?! 

Yes! Nurse Protect Your Hands hand cream is available from Feel Unique for £5.49.

Toodles! x

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  1. I had a bottle of this and you've just reminded me why i loved it so much!

    1. I've used mine up now and I miss it! Will have to get some more before the snow kicks in haha x


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