Bomb Cosmetics Fresh Berry Blaster Bath Bomb!

I love Saturdays, they're the one day I'm definitely never at work and I can just relax with my boyfriend or friends :) 
And following along the ''relaxing'' theme, I'm going to review a bath bomb for you today! 
It's the Fresh Berry Blaster from Bomb Cosmetics.
 As you can see, it turned my bath a lovely bright pink colour! But as for the ''creamy soft foam'' it promised, it definitely didn't deliver! 
I'm not so bothered about foam from a bath bomb, Lush's bath ballistics never create foam, that's what bath melts are for! So if you overlook that, this bath bomb is really fun!

It fizzes for a long time, and when it's done it leaves a lovely berry scent behind, but it's also quite a creamy scent! I'd describe it as a raspberry milkshake scent.

It left me feeling moisturised when I got out of the bath as well, but it didn't leave a horrible greasy feeling to the skin like some bath bombs do (Lush's Butterball, I'm looking at YOU).

Overall, this won't leave your bath filled with bubbles, but it does leave a nice, lingering scent and a moisturised feel to the skin!

This is only £2.29 from the Bomb Cosmetics website, or from selected stockists around the UK.
Bomb Cosmetics seem like a really cute brand, I especially love the name of one of the products ''Mango Unchained'', how cute is that?! 


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  1. I love Bomb Cosmetics but I've never seen this bath bomb before! I love pink water haha, it looks so pretty :)
    Elise -

  2. Sounds really nice and looks so decretive and pretty!


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