Bosch Tassimo T4 Hot Drinks Maker - Review!

Hello gorgeous people!
Today I'm going to do a slightly different kind of post for me, a review on my new Tassimo T4 hot drinks machine! 
I got it for £45 as a special offer from the Tassimo Facebook page, which is unfortunately now over, but you can still buy the same machine for a discounted price of £59.99 on (link here).

 I think the actual machine looks pretty sophisticated! Doesn't look like an eyesore on my kitchen counters and doesn't take up too much space.

When you first get the machine out of the box it takes no setting up at all, you just plug it in and it's ready! 
They tell you to clean out the water tank at the back with some water and then use the ''service disk'' (which is basically a dummy disc that comes in the back of the machine that lets you run the water out of the nozzle to clean it) 4-5 times just to swill out the machine and make sure it's nice and clean and ready to use! 

This is what the discs look like, you get one for the milk and then one for the chocolate/coffee (unless you're making tea, then you just get one pod).
You put the disc in top of the machine, making sure the barcode is over the reader (this is how the machine knows what drink you're making, and how long to run the water for) and then close the top.
Simply press the button on the front of the machine and it'll start doing its work!

 Then pop the chocolate disc in next and run that into the hot milk!
And then voila!

A hot, lovely cup of hot chocolate!! 
I've tried a lot of drinks with it now and I have to say I'm loving it! When you buy the machine and register it online you also get £20 credit to spend on t-discs too, so I've got a plentiful collection now!

My favourite drinks so far are the Creme Brulee Carte Noire coffee, Milka hot chocolate (surprisingly much better than Cadbury's!) and Carte Noir Latte Macchiato! 

Do you have a Tassimo, or another coffee machine? Let me know!
Toodles! x

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  1. Ohhh nothing better than a good culpa coffee or hot chocolate in Winter!


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