Maybelline Baby Lips - My Verdict!

Hi guys!
Today I thought I'd write about a much hyped product from the Summer, Maybelline Baby Lips!
Now, I was as excited and intrigued by these as everyone else when they first came out, but it took me weeks to actually track any down to buy! Especially the tinted ones, they were elusive d-bags!
But once I tracked them down I snapped up three of them to review for you all!

 I got Pink Punch, Hydrate and Peach Kiss because it seemed like a nice cross-section of colours and finishes.
Pink Punch leaves a noticeable pink hue on your lips as you'd expect, Hydrate is clear and Peach Kiss is very glitter-heavy and gives my lips a bit of a corpse-like look to them! 

My verdict on the Baby Lips are...I hate them! I really don't have a clue what to do with them as I don't want to use them up! 
They make my lips feel DRYER when I apply them, they wear off very quickly and leave a funny taste in my mouth, a bit plastic-y! 
I really don't see how people can love these, but many people do so who am I to judge?! 

The only positive thing I can think of to say is that the packaging is super cute! Great colour clash, even if it is cheap plastic! 

Maybelline Baby Lips are £2.99 from a few good retailers, including Superdrug, Boots & Sainsbury's. 


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