MTV EMA Awards 2013 - Best & Worst Dressed!

Hi all!
It's approaching that time again, the hallowed AWARDS SEASON.
Which means we get to pay a little bit of attention to who wins the awards, but a lot of attention to what the nominees are wearing! 
The other day it was the MTV Europe Music Awards (basically, a slightly crappier VMA's) in Amsterdam and the great and gross (Geordie Shore peeps, I'm looking at you...) of the celeb world were out in force!
So I thought I'd tell you whose clothes I loved and whose I wanted to burn on a massive bonfire, and believe me, the latter category had much more competition!

Best Dressed

Katy Perry
Now, it might be because I've got a big, fat crush on her and never say a bad word about her (let's not mention the mesh Chanel dress she wore to accept her award on the same night...), but I love this outfit! 
It's so Doris Day, and that Tiffany coloured dress really suits her complexion and hair colour, refreshing to see a woman looking classy on the red carpet for once!

Bridgit Mendler
Bridgit is a relative newcomer to the red carpets, so she did right to play it safe and stylish in this black LBD.
The effortless hairstyle and red lips really suit the look, a definite win!

Louise Roe
I absolutely love this colourful midi dress! It's not very season appropriate but I'll let her off because the print is so gorgeous!
The only thing I wish is that it was floor length or mini, the midi isn't doing it for me!
But regardless, she looks beautiful!

Ron Burgundy (AKA Will Ferrell)
It comes to something when this guy is one of my best dressed doesn't it!
But you can't argue with the slickness of his hair, or the festive red suit, and definitely not his moustache!

Worst Dressed

Miley Cyrus
Surprise surprise, look who it is! Miss spaniel tongue herself!
I almost didn't include her because it's so obvious and she's so massively overexposed (in every sense of the word) at the moment, but I just HAD to!
It's ironic that her ''dress'' says ''Please Stop Violence'' printed on it, because if anything's going to incite violence in me it would be an outfit like this.

Ellie Goulding
I say it a lot, but what possesses these women to look in the mirror and think ''yeah, I look great, let's go and wear this outfit in front of a thousand photographers''?
Not only is the lace of this dress in a hideous, old persons net curtain pattern, but it makes her look two sizes bigger than she is.
Somebody cut it up and make doilies out of it, QUICK.

Robin Thicke
Why does he always stand like a mannequin? It really bothers me!
Also, has anyone else noticed that he looks so much more attractive when he wears sunglasses? Maybe it's because they hide half of his face....Anyway! Onto the outfit!
Clearly Robin woke up that morning and thought ''I'm nowhere near sleazy enough, I need to wear something that makes me look like the manager of a strip club...I know! A leather shirt!''.
Dear lord.

Bad news, they're still around.

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed my (ruthlessly) honest opinions on the EMA's! 
After all, they earn a lot more than us so we're entitled to make fun of them sometimes ;)


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