My Favourite Make-up Products For £5 & Under!

Hi girls!
Sorry for my absence lately! I've been busy with work and the C word...CHRISTMAS!
But today I'm back with a post I've had planned for ages, the best makeup products for under £5!
These nail varnishes are the best drugstore polishes you can buy! They have a thick formula so you don't need much product until the colours completely opaque, and even without a topcoat they're super shiny! 
These lipsticks are a creamier, more long-lasting formula than a lot of lipsticks that are triple the price! 
The Collection Volume Sensation lipsticks are also amazing quality!
The matte versions of these lipsticks are incredible quality, in my opinion they're better than MAC's matte lipsticks by a mile, except you can buy three of these for the price of one MAC lipstick! 
When I first got these eyeshadow pencils I wasn't holding out much hope if I'm honest, I thought they'd be slippery and would crease easily, but I couldn't be more wrong! 
Once they've set they stay put all day, and make either a easy eye look or a great base for other shadows.
Aside from the fact that this is a really funky colour, it's also a really great quality eyeshadow brush! 
It picks up a lot of product and distributes it without a lot of fallout.
Out of all the bargains I'm showing you today, these have to be the most bargainous by far!! 
You get 12 high quality eyeshadow for £4.00!
The matte shadows aren't the best quality I must admit, but the shimmer eyeshadows are just as good as some I've tried that are double the price! 
These blushes are really high quality and come in a great range of shades, for only £1 they're an absolute steal! I have so many of them, there's one for every occasion.
I've banged on about these little beauties so much on my blog, but my love for them is still going strong! 
They make a great base for eyeshadow, or you can use them on their own, just slick some on, mascara and out the door! Easy-peasy!
This is one of the best drugstore foundation I've ever used, and it's only £5! It lasts well on my skin, it has quite a limited shade range but the palest shade (porcelain) is light enough for me, which is rare for a cheap foundation! 

I could go on but these are the all-time best for me! I think the cheaper brands are really killing it at the moment, there is a place for more expensive products obviously (we all love a splurge!) but for my everyday products you can't go wrong with some good old bargains!

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  1. I love your choices here, these's some beauties! I've not come across the Barry M brush before but it looks great. I love MUA, it's such a great brand but a bit hit and miss, and the Barry M varnishes are my favourite ever, I think I have them all! :) Great post x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Great post. I love the look of the MUA blushes and I really need to get round to trying a colour tattoo!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. Really good choices. I've recently started re-using my MUA Undress Your Skin foundation again and I love it! You've made me want some more Barry M polishes though!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. Wich colour are your MUA blushes?

  5. The MUA blushers are always sold out at my local Superdrug, I need to go further afield and pick them all up though! xxx


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