''New Girl'' Fashion - Stealing Jess' Style!

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I hope you all had a lovely Halloween, I'm just recovering from a stomach bug so I've been in bed solidly on Tuesday and Wednesday so that has put paid to my Halloween celebrations, plus as I'm working a 9 hour shift and not finishing until 8pm that doesn't really leave much time to make myself up as anything remotely terrifying (unless I just go with no makeup on at all, now THAT would be terrifying).
That's my whinge over! Onto the post :)

Today I'm doing a post in association with Debenhams, they kindly let me pick out some accessories that I thought would make a great Jess from New Girl look, to celebrate season three of the brilliant TV show.

I must confess, I've actually already started watching Season 3 and I can confirm it's just as good as ever, Nick & Jess fans are going to love their blossoming relationship, Schmidt fans get some great scenes and Winston gets a (extremely cute!) cat!!
I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Jess & Nicks relationship develops, here's hoping for a happy ending!! Let's just take a moment to imagine that wedding...and the wedding dress!
Time to show you what I picked up to recreate a Jess-like look!

Debenhams Pack Of Three Black 60D Tights - £4.75.
What would a Jessica Day look be without her beloved black tights?! I got a high denier so they wouldn't be too sheer.
These are definitely her style staple and she wears them in pretty much every episode! 

Now Jess doesn't wear a lot of hats on screen, but if you cast your mind back to season 1, episode 2 ''Kryptonite''.....
A classic moment! And technically, those are Jess' hats, so I just had to include this cute beanie hat so I could mention this scene!

Behind black tights and skater dresses, Jess' next style staple would be a waist belt! She loves to define that tiny waist of hers, and it really adds to her girl next door, cutesy look.
I thought this belt was absolutely perfect for Jess!

Whenever you see Miss Day with a handbag (or purse to Americans) it will be a ''across body'' bag like this one! She favours a small, cute bag, inkeeping with her sweet, girly style.

Red Herring Black Eyes Mitten Gloves - £14.00.
Behold, the best things your eyes have ever seen! Mittens...with EYEBALLS...drink it in...
I was inspired to get these by a cute scene in the episode ''Chicago'' from season 2, near the end when Nick's mother is talking to Nick about Jess, and the camera pans to her with a pair of cute, novelty mittens on;
Hers say HI on them, but I reckon if she'd seen mine she'd have worn them instead ;)

Red Herring Cream Striped Hearts Jumper - £30.00.
If she's not wearing a skater dress, then she's wearing a cute printed jumper and either a skater or a bodycon skirt, her style is simple but very memorable, you would know it anywhere! 

I've also put together a few ''Jess-ish'' looks for your delectation!

 Skater dress - CHECK. Black tights - CHECK. Waist belt - CHECK.
We've hit the New Girl hat trick!
I think this look is very Jess, I love this duffle coat with it because I can so imagine Jess wearing this in the colder months.

 A cute and snuggly outfit! Jess loves a bit of lace and she never shies away from bright colours so I thought I'd pair a couple of jewel tones together, of course with her staple black tights too! 

And there we go!!
Thanks a lot to the lovely Debenhams for giving me the idea for this post and the means to do it, I really enjoyed it!!
I'll let the last word on this post be from the woman herself, Jessica Day everybody <3
Toodles! x
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