bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 - The Vision - Review!

Hi my mint Matchmakers!! 
Hope you're all doing really well and enjoying this festive period, I'm SO excited for Christmas now that I just wish I could sleep until Christmas eve!! But alas, I have to work :( I'm sure you all feel my pain, but let's stick with it!! Come the 23rd I'll be free of works shackles, and I hope the rest of you won't be too far behind :) 
Onto the review!!

Today I'm reviewing a small palette I bought in Edinburgh last year, it was love at first sight but then when I got it home it got relegated to my eyeshadow collection and I forgot all about it!
But recently I discovered it again and fell in love all over again! 
So I thought I'd do a review for you all :)

 How stunning is that!!
It's such an unusual pairing of colours that I just couldn't resist, these bareMinerals Ready 2.0 eyeshadows come in coordinating shades that can be worn together or seperately.

The quality of these eyeshadows is AMAZING, they're buttery (yes, that overused beauty blogger word), blendable and so pigmented it's unreal!

Illusion is a satin finish, powder blue eyeshadow, some might say this is a hard colour to pull off on the eyes but I think using it in the inner corner of your eye and blending it out into darker blues is a great way to wear it! 

Mirage is the real star of this palette! It's a duo-chrome brown/blue shade which is an absolute stunner, especially on brown eyes (if I do say so myself!).
It's a lot like MAC's Club, but Mirage is a lot more vibrant in my opinion!

These bareMinerals Ready eyeshadows are very underrated and they're not talked about anywhere near as much as they should be!
They even rival the amazing Urban Decay eyeshadows!!

You can buy this bareMinerals 2.0 Ready eyeshadow palette from FeelUnique for £16.75.

Toodles!! x

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  1. I have this duo too. I agree, bareMinerals eyeshadows are superb. X


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