Boots Beauty Advent Calendar - On The Fifth Day Of Christmas....

My true love gave to meeeee (altogether now!)....
Well...he didn't actually, he (the Boots calendar) gave me this;

 Rimmel Stay Matte in Ivory! 
Now this is a weird one to include I think, because how do they know what my skintone is? Luckily I'm pale, but if I was dark skinned I think I would find this a bit annoying!! But don't even get me STARTED on how annoying the lack of shade ranges foundations offer for dark skinned people is, it really pees me off! 

Moving on! This seems a ok colour, maybe a bit dark for my skin but I'll give it a try! It seems like it offers nice coverage from the quick swatch I did on my hand, so I'm pleased with my window offering again!! 

To check out the past window wonders I've received from my Boots advent calendar, click on the tab at the top of my homepage!

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