Boots Beauty Advent Calendar - What's Behind Door Number 3?

Feeling festive peeps?! I know I am!
I'm enjoying doing these posts everyday, and I am going to try my hardest not to miss one! But you know me....;)
This is a gorgeous, festive red, great for this season! I don't wear a lot of red nail polish so this will be a nice change for me! 
So far this advent calendar is turning out to be the best one I've ever had! Well done Boots, snaps for you! (Legally Blonde fans will understand that reference).
Toodles! x

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  1. such a gorgeous red!! I regret not getting the Boots Advent now xx

  2. Thats a lovely colour! I was going to get the boots calendar but went for the YOU beauty instead. I've been posting about it on my blog! :)

  3. Love the Mavala nail polishes and London is such a nice red shade for the festive season! x


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