Boots Beauty Advent Calendar - What's Behind Doors Number 11 & 12?!

I've missed another day again! But this time, only one!
I'm sure the suspense is killing you so lets crack on!

 Day number 11 is another perfume sample! This time it's ''Ghost''! 
This is a really weird scent, it's extremely light, when you first sniff it you smell nothing and then after a minute a slightly powdery, floral scent hits you!
It's by no means strong, it's extremely subtle so if you like that in a fragrance then you'll like this.

Day 12! Halfway through the calendar!
This was a interesting one! Salon Nail Care Shine Solution from Boots, it's supposed to be a quick drying solution that makes your nails nice and shiny, so I'll definitely be giving this a good go! I'm unsure whether it'll live upto my beloved Seche Vite, but we'll see!

Toodlepip! x

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