A Small Haul - Primark, Amazon, Lush, Ebay & Boots.

Happy Thursday everyone! 
It's almost the weekend, just tomorrow left to go, we can do this!! 
I don't know about you guys, but I've had a very long week at work, but I can't complain because I'm off ALLLL next week for my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend :)
 So that promises to be a fun week! 
Onto the haul!!

Let's start with a bit of Primark, everyone's favourite part of a haul! (Well, it's mine anyway).
As you can see from the picture above, I have a ''bit'' of a thing about tartan at the moment, particularly tartan bedding! So when I saw this throw in the sale at Primark for only £3.90 I just had to have it!! It's super soft and adds some much needed warmth in this cold months!

 When I'm heading towards the till at Primark I nearly always grab a pair of cosy socks, and these ones are so snuggly and gorgeous! I love the blue mixed with the peach/coral colour too.

Now we'll head off to Amazon!
 I'd heard so much about this book that I couldn't hold out any longer and I knew I needed to read it! 
I've recently joined GoodReads (my link is in the sidebar) and it has really spurred me on to read more! 
The Fault In Our Stars is about two teenagers who meet, become friends and then eventually fall in love, a typical love story..except both the teenagers have cancer.
You can get this book for only £3.85 on Amazon!

Now to Lush!
 When I went into Lush in Middlesbrough they still had quite a lot of Christmas gift sets and products for 50% off, which I was surprised about!
So I picked up The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar :)
This is so super cute, I will feel so bad actually using it!! You can't get this online anymore but if you're lucky your local Lush store might have some left :) 

 Then I got the So White Bath Ballistic, this smells EXACTLY like Granny Smith apples!! 
It's amazing, I wish I'd bought a few of these because I just know I'm going to love it! 
It's a pretty big bath bomb too and I got it for about £1.50, great value! 
I'm going to do a review on this anyway so I won't spoil it :)

Now a quick trip to Ebay!
 I bought this Yankee Candle wax melt from Ebay because it's a USA exclusive, I find Ebay so great for buying Yankee Candles, they're much cheaper than the official websites and most of the sellers offer free shipping :) I bought this melt from here, you can get loads of US Yankee scents from there.

And finally, Boots!
I've never used a Sinful Colors nail varnish before, but seen as they're only £1.99 each I thought I'd give them a go! These colours are so beautiful, and as for the longevity of the polish, I found it to be great! But I use Seche Vite topcoat, and I think any polish would last ages when it's used with that.
On the left is the shade Nail Junkie and on the right is All About You.

And that's that! Now I've written it all down, it doesn't look like a small haul at all! haha (I'm a poet!).
I would love to say that I will try not to buy anything else anytime soon...but I can't promise that ;)
Lots of love! x

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  1. I love LUSH so much, their products are divine! Also that throw from Primark is such a bargain! Lovely haul :) xx

    1. It really is! They still have some left, I've got a throw OBSESSION at the mo so it seems totally acceptable for me to buy another...haha! x

  2. Really wanted to read the fault in our stars! can't believe it's that price online!! thank you so for the recommendation. Great haul, I also love lush x

    1. You're welcome! Hope you enjoy it, and thank you :) x

  3. I lvoe your hauls because normally everything yo feature would be something I would buy myself, and you have done it again. The so white balistic was one of my favourite christmas products and I must have had about 20 (no exaggeration), I used to mix it with the ltd edition rose jam shower gel and rose jam bubbleroon, i dont know why the sweet rose and apple scents just worked a dream together. If you havent used the christmas penguin yet go straight to Lush and buy the small olive branch shower gel, it has exactly the same scent and mixing the two together creates the softest most relaxing bath ever! Not that im obsessed with Lush or anything :)

    1. haha wow thanks for your recommendations!! It smells so amazing, I wish I'd bought more because I'm sort of saving it for no reason haha! x

  4. I was tempted by the tartan bedsheets, I'm loving tartan at the moment. But it would mean changing my whole colour scheme of my room!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I'm obsessed with tartan still haha I've retired the bed sheets for a little while now, fancied a change ;) x


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