Grammy Awards 2014 - Best & (Mostly) Worst Dressed!

Happy Thursday jelly babies!!
A few days ago the great, the good and Robin Thicke all attended the 2014 Grammy Awards and donned all of their finery! 
Although I must admit, there were some absolute shockers at this awards!
I always think popstars dress so much worse than filmstars, because they're trying too hard most of the time.

Best Dressed

Taylor Swift
Taylor absolutely wowed in this beautiful Gucci Premiere dress, it's a pity Taylor didn't win any golden gramophones as they would have matched her dress perfectly! Maybe that's why she wore it, wishful thinking!

Ryan Lewis & Macklemore
I'm very impressed with Ryan Lewis & Macklemore's ensemble, they match each other with the jade green hues, but not so much that it looks cheesy.
Love the little loafer shoes they're wearing too, a new trend for men maybe?!

Chrissy Teigen
God that HAIR! I absolutely love this dip dye bob, it's so chic but casual at the same time!
And as for the dress, it's absolutely stunning and shows off the models body beautifully, she's got great curves so why not show them off?!

Colbie Caillat
Colbie is one of my favourite singers ever, but that isn't why I'm featuring her here, I think this dress is absolutely mind-blowing! I'm glad to see her glammed up because usually she's a lot more laidback.

Kelly Osbourne
I must admit, I'm not Kelly Osbourne's biggest fan, but this is a great look for her! 
I'm loving that lilac hair, some great hair going on at the Grammy's! 
I love the necklace at the back as well, adds a twist on it.
I think this dress is plain enough that it doesn't clash with her hair, but it's also embellished enough that it's not boring, it strikes a great balance!

Worst Dressed

Katy Perry
Oh Katyyyy...I love her, I really do...and I tried so hard to love this dress...but I couldn't :(
I get that it's Valentino Couture, and obviously I get why she's worn it because it has musical notes all over it, but the shape is unflattering, I feel like it adds inches onto her waist and that hairstyle is very ''70's bridesmaid''.

Firstly, I've never seen anyone so deathly pale in all my life! Is Madonna not well?!
Secondly, she's wearing a bejewelled glove, this trend for wearing one glove can only be pulled off by Michael Jackson...wait a minute...deathly pale and wearing one glove? Maybe it IS Michael Jackson!
And thirdly, you can't see it in this picture but she's wearing a GOLDEN GRILL on her teeth, she is 55 years  old, what must her poor children think?.

Pharrell Williams
When I first saw this picture I thought someone had photoshopped this hat on Pharrell, because I couldn't in my wildest imagination rationalise him wearing this hat by CHOICE.
It looks like it's just floating there, not actually touching his head at all...popstars are weird.

Kacey Musgraves
Kasey must be a wrestling fan, because it looks like she's wearing a WWE championship belt here, and the bottom half appears to have been recycled from an old rug, complete with carpet tassles, how resourceful of you Kasey!

Rita Ora
If this picture of Rita stopped at her neck, I'd think she'd done a great job, but everything from the neck down is disastrous!
This lurex disaster is such a draining colour, and the glare of it is hurting my eyes even in a picture.
It looks like it's made out of the type of fabric you'd see on a sofa in Del Boy's flat.

Anna Kendrick
I like Anna Kendrick, she's very funny and personable, but this colour drains what little colour she has in her porcelain skin and the slit in the dress looks awkward.

To be honest, I could go on with the worst dressed, but I think I should just leave it here!
I do enjoy it when the stars get it wrong at these awards as well as when they get it right, so a big congratulations to all of the people in this post!
Toodlepip! x

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  1. lol completely agree with all of this! I was going to do a best dressed from the Grammys but struggled to find a significant amount of nice outfits!! How can the musical stars get it so wrong when the movie stars get it so right??

    1. To be quite honest, I could have put even more worst dressed stars in there, but I didn't want to be a negative nelly!! haha roll on the Oscars! x


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