January Sales Haul - SpaceNK, Harrods, Whittard, Urban Outfitters & Boots!

Hi cherry pies!! 
Hope you're all well, I've just had two days off work and I'm feeling fresh and relaxed! Went for a coffee today with my friend Mike and ran a few chores (as Destiny's Child once sang, ''Bills, Bills, Bills''!) then spent the night with my boyfriend watching some trash TV, Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares is back which is such a fab show, watching Gordon shout at the numpty's on that programme is so satisfying!! I know he's not everyones cup of tea, but he's definitely mine! Am I the only one who finds it strangely erotic when he's shouting at people?!....*tumbleweed*....OK moving on!!

This is a sales haul! I swore I was going to be good and not spend too much money in the sales buuut....I lied to myself! 
I didn't go TOO mad....well, you guys can be the judge of that! 

There was quite a few perfume gift sets for half price in Boots, so despite the fact that I got THREE perfumes for Christmas..I just couldn't help myself!! 
I plumped for the Lady Gaga Fame fragrance, I've wanted this perfume for ages since I got a sample of it and loved it! 
I remember when Lady Gaga was bringing this out and she said it would smell like blood, sweat and semen, and I can't say that I was very excited to smell like a mans underpants!! 
But once I smelt it, it actually smelt beautiful! Quite sweet and sultry, with notes of honey and spice, very beautiful.
I got the 50ml fragrance, with a 75ml body lotion and 75ml shower gel, for £16! Which I thought was a great deal.
The only thing I'd say about these is that the liquid in them is black! I didn't know this, but the body lotion is BLACK, which means you have to rub it in very well otherwise you get a strange grey residue on your skin, which is always attractive...!
 You can't buy this gift set online anymore, but you can get the 50ml fragrance here for £15.50!

 I also got this mason jar with a lid from Urban Outfitters, I saw Sian Shutterbug from Youtube drinking from this jar, but in red, and I just had to have it so I rushed over to the Urban Outfitters site to see if i could find it and I did, but it was £12!! Extortionate, so I was just about to leave the website when I stumbled across the same mason jar with a straw, but in green, and this was only £6!! I also used the 10% off student discount, and they gave me a free delivery code for buying something from their site for the first time! So I ended up getting it for £5.40, bargainous!!

 My best friend Frances got me some cinnamon Whittard's hot chocolate for Christmas, and it's the most gorgeous, flavoursome hot chocolate I've ever tasted!! So I went straight on the website to see if I could find any other flavours I liked the sound of, and there was plenty (banoffee, tiramisu, strawberry white chocolate, oh myyyyy!) but I decided to get one of the gift sets that were in the sale! 
This ''Cosy Hot Chocolate set'' includes a cute mug, a 50g box of mini marshmallows, a 150g tub of their Luxury Hot Chocolate and a 150g tub of their Luxury White Hot Chocolate for £14!
I thought this was a great deal, and it meant I could try a couple more flavours and see if I enjoyed them, and oh MY, I definitely do! Their white hot chocolate is divine, it's definitely going to be responsible for my next fat roll on my stomach!! 

 Sorry for the crappy picture, but I forgot to take a photo of them so I had to take this one from my Instagram!
This is where the sale picks get really juicy, I had been eyeing up this Laura Mercier Body Souffle Sampler set for days, it was half price on the Harrods website for £25 and after a couple of days I just thought TO HELL WITH IT! And bought it! I had to pay £5.00 postage and packing which displeased me a lot, but I just thought you only live once! And I've been dying to use these body souffles for ages.
I am happy to report that they are as gorgeous as they look! The smells are amazing, and the scent really lingers on your skin, and they sink in so quickly! 
So they should for the price though!!
These are all sold out online, but if you're lucky you might find one in your local Harrods!

 Another Laura Mercier find, this time the Petite Baked Eye Colours Bonbons in Amethyst!
This was only a tiny £10!! It's a pretty small palette, but I love purples on my brown eyes so I just had to have it! 
 This is still available on the SpaceNK website so if you want it then hurry on over there and snap it up!

 Now for my piece de resistance!!
The Laura Mercier Signature Votives set, ohhhh mama!! Isn't it beautiful?! I've actually kept them in their little stand on my windowsill because they look so classy.
You get the scents Tarte Au Citron, Fresh Fig, Ambre Vanilla and Creme Brulee, amongst all of them I think Ambre Vanilla is my favourite so far, it's so creamy and gorgeous!! I just can't wait to start burning these, in fact I might get onto that as soon as I finish this post!!
These were £21, which I think is a good deal! Just like the body souffles, these are now sold out online but if you have a local SpaceNK I suggest going in to see if this set is still available, because it would make a gorgeous gift, to someone else or maybe just yourself! Go on, you know you're worth it ;)

And that's everything!! I hope you enjoyed this post, spare a thought for my bank balance and what it sacrificed to bring you this post today....
Toodles! x

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  1. Goodness me Angie, I am literally jealous of ALL of these! Laura Mercier <3 amazing! Love the Lady GaGa perfume, what a bargain!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  2. Brilliant, thanks, I will bookmark you now.
    jeux de foot 2016


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