Not Another Naked 3 Palette Review? (I'm Afraid So!)

Hi my little Rubiks cubes!
 And it's time for me to throw my hat into the (very crowded) ring and do my Naked 3 review!
I know that the world and his wife and her sister have done reviews for this palette, but that still doesn't stop me wanting to share this beauty with you all!
And I don't know about you, but no matter how many Naked 3 reviews I read I always click on them whenever I see a new one! 
I helpfully forgot to take a picture of the packaging of the Naked 3, and I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my camera and the palette and take one, so I just used this stock image above to show what it looks like, after all, the eyeshadows are the real stars of the show, not the packaging!
The packaging itself is nice, it's in the spirit of the Naked 2 palette as it's a metal tin, but this has ridges on it and reminds me a bit of a chocolate bar!
The primer potion samples are cool too! I didn't even know there was so many different types, so I'm excited to use them.
 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! 
All the rosey tones are so beautiful, this is fast becoming my favourite Naked palette, I love warm tones on my eyes, and this has some gorgeous pinks which look great with a red lip!
 These are some seriously pigmented eyeshadows! But it is Urban Decay, so that's no surprise! 
Buzz and Trick are super shimmery, so watch for fall-out on them! but they're such gorgeous shades, they're both great for a one colour eye look.
Limit and Strange are both matte colours, and very buttery in texture, Limit in particular is very good as a crease colour to add definition.
 Liar is another one of those really glittery shades again, but it doesn't have as much fallout as the other two!
Blackheart is a nice change from the other two Naked palette's as they both had a black in them whereas this is a dark purple with pink glitter in it, a truly gorgeous colour! 

This palette is beautiful if you can carry off these warm, rosy colours, there's a fine line between a nice rose-gold eye and a pink eye that makes you look like you haven't slept in a month!
Every shade in this palette is a never before seen colour, you won't find them anywhere else!
Particular stand-out shades for me are Buzz, Factory & Mugshot, I'm a sucker for a shimmery eye!
Urban Decay speaks for itself, you know you can always depend on them for pigmentation and lasting power, and the four samples of primer and eyeshadow brush are a nice bonus!

You can purchase the Naked 3 palette from Debenhams online or instore for £37.00.

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  1. I love this palette ( and I love reviews on it too!)
    I keep on playing with it and spend a long time getting ready in the morning now!
    Buzz is definitely my favourite shade.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. haha glad someone agrees!! I love it when I have enough time to chill out and play around with my palettes :) x

  2. Hi just like to say I love your blog and if you'd like to join in and do the Share The Love Tag I've nominated your blog

    1. Thank you! I've just got around to reading my comments, I'll definitely do this tag :) x

  3. I recently for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, love it to bits, my current fav! I love the shade Nooner!


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